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Is Your HealthCare Web Site Mobile Friendly?

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ImageWith the explosive growth of smartphone use, a mobile site is becoming increasingly vital for your health care organization.

ImageWith the explosive growth of smartphone use, a mobile site is becoming increasingly vital for your health care organization.

Some 87% of smartphone owners access the Internet or email on their handheld devices, including two thirds (68%) who do so on a typical day. When asked what device they normally use to access the Internet, 25% of smartphone owners said that they use their phone more often than a computer.

Nielsen’s third quarter survey of mobile users reveals that, while only 43 percent of all U.S. mobile phone subscribers own a smartphone, the vast majority of those under the age of 44 now have one. In fact, 62 percent of mobile users between 25-34 report owning smartphones – and among those 18-24 and 35-44 the smartphone penetration rate is hovering near 54 percent.

A mobile site should include only important information that mobile users can easily access while navigating on the move. Below are some key points for designing and development.

  • Speed is very important. Users want quick access to information.
  • Keep it simple. Limit text and use minimal images.
  • Eliminate Flash. Not all mobile devices are capable of viewing it.
  • Buttons, links, phone numbers, etc., must be large enough to select/click.
  • The mobile site should not mirror the web site.
  • For HIPAA reasons, limit the mobile site to informational features; do not capture any personal identification information, such as an email.

Basic information that should be included on the mobile site includes: location, directions, important phone numbers, Emergency Room information, parking information, visiting hours, and links to social media channels and the full web site.

For a look at a few great mobile sites, search for Southern Regional Medical Center; Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin; or Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha.

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