Technology provides hospitals with tools which can greatly improve their quality of care. This small portable disinfector is one such tool.

Hospital acquired infection is an age old problem which refuses to go away. Infections acquired during hospital stay still constitute one of the top 5 causes of mortality in patients. Antimicrobial solutions and fogging help in reducing the microbial burden but they have their limitations. Enter Xenex.


The futuristic looking Xenex room disinfection system uses pulses of high-intensity ultraviolet light to kill bacteria without contact or chemicals. The device can be moved from room to room, and can disinfect surfaces and the air in a matter of minutes. The system uses reflectors and movement to focus UV light toward “high-touch” surfaces. Motion detection system and door guard ensure the safety of patients, visitors, and staff. On-board database logs system activity for utilization tracking and analysis.

In hospital trials, Xenex was found to be 20 times more effective than standard cleaning methods, and a recent study proved it is more effective than bleach in reducing C-difficile.