I was asked by my good friend and Social Media Today CEO, Robin Carey, to write up the top 10 posts of 2012.  I thought this was a super idea and went right to it.  However, I could not keep it down to 10 (there were too many good ones!) and so I expanded my review to the top 20 posts of 2012. 

In going through the posts, I was "reliving" 2012, remembering certain posts and reflecting on events of the past year.  It was fun.  The posts that I chose are in no particular order, and there was no specific algorithm used.  I remembered each of them, which says something about them right there.  I tried to get an even spread of topics and viewpoints.

If you haven't read some of these, take a look.  What this experience showed me is that we certainly do have a wealth of great contributors who put out some great content.  Good Job Everyone and Thank You for All Your Contributions.

Best Wishes for the Coming New Year!

Top 20 HealthWorks Collective Posts of 2012:


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