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13 Common Myths About Organic CBD Oil, Debunked

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There is a lot of misinformation floating around organic CBD oil ? causing a great deal of confusion. In this article, I will try to address and debunk 13 common myths which will help clarify the confusions and to see the truth about organic CBD hemp oil for incorporating it into your family?s health regimen.

1. CBD oil is illegal

First, let?s get the science out of the way. Contradictory and confusing information is spun out because people use the term marijuana to refer to hemp from which CBD (cannabidiol) oil is derived. Hemp and marijuana are commonly heard when speaking about the cannabis plant. Chemically speaking, CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are two of over 100 compounds present in a cannabis plant.

Hemp is legal under U.S. federal law and is excluded from the federal Controlled Substances Act. Hemp has higher levels of cannabidiol (CBD) and has least concentration of THC which usually does not have psychoactive effects (or ?getting high?). CBD oil is basically derived from hemp and has medicinal effects. Mostly consumed as oils, crystals, and extracts, CBD oil is anti-inflammatory, helps in treating chronic pain, anxiety, and reduce epilepsy-related seizures.

Marijuana, on the other hand being illegal is prepared from the cannabis plant, contains high levels of THC, and have psychoactive effects.

2. Needs a doctor?s prescription to use CBD products

Hemp extract ? specifically CBD oil is considered a food product and not a drug. It is legal under federal law to purchase without the need for a doctor?s prescription. A prescription is not needed, but I advise you to consult a medical professional before choosing a CBD oil regimen.

3. CBD oil is addictive

This is the most common myth I hear: that CBD oil is addictive. Well, as per the studies, if anything, it is used to treat addiction. There have been some preclinical and clinical studies done on animals and humans on how CBD oil can potentially be a treatment for addiction to opioids, cocaine, and even cigarettes ? and potentially cannabis. So, I know CBD as a treatment for addiction to cannabis.

However, CBD oil has a feel-good factor to it which will help if you?re suffering from depression, pain, or related conditions by stimulating the dopamine and serotonin levels in your body. Also, the CBD oil enhances the endocannabinoid system in our body that regulates sleep, mood, inflammation, and appetite ? thereby restoring balance and harmony in our body.

4. You feel sleepy the entire time

CBD oil is there to bring balance into your body ? so it doesn’t make you feel tired or sleepy. CBD oil is actually useful in curing insomnia. CBD oil can help you sleep at the end of the day, but it won’t make you feel tired and sleepy in the morning. When taken in normal, it does will actually help to regulate those hormones ? cortisol, anxiety causing hormone, and melatonin, a hormone that will aid your sleep. CBD oil won’t make you sleepy, it?ll just actually give you more steady energy throughout the day naturally.

5. All hemp oil products are the same

This is simply not true. Hemp oil and CBD oil are two different things. Organic hemp oil usually sold at grocery stores is derived only from cannabis sativa (industrial hemp) plant seeds and does not contain CBD. Whereas CBD oil is made from flowers, leaves, and stalks of hemp and not definitely not from hemp seeds.

6. CBD reduces cognitive function

Actually, CBD oil has been shown to improve cognitive functioning: better memory power, learning, focus, and attention. It’s actually a great idea to take some CBD oil right before that important presentation or the project that you’re starting at work. I usually use it to help me focus in the morning to help me get rid of anxiety and actually get some work done.

7. CBD oil has an adverse effect on other medications

Do you buzz with a question like: ?Can I take CBD oil while on medication??. Well, then studies have shown that the effects are minimal. Drugs which are usually metabolized by CYP450 enzymes potentially interact with CBD. But, be sure to consult a qualified medical professional if you?re taking any prescription medications.

Also, CBD oil isn?t physically addictive neither does it produce withdrawal symptoms when some stops using it. It?s just like yoga, when you do meditation you reap its benefits, & when you do not practice meditation you gain nothing either.

8. Psychoactive ? CBD oil will get you high

This is not true. CBD oil is non-psychotropic and does not cause a high. In fact, it can actually potentially bring down when a person is getting too high in THC. It also is used, sometimes, to help with psychotic episodes and certain mental illnesses.

I actually did an experiment by taking ten times the amount of CBD oil that I usually take to find out what would happen. Spoiler alert: nothing happened. A cannabis plant is called hemp only when it has less than 0.3% THC. That?s actually 33 times less than marijuana.

If you ever hear stories about people getting high with CBD, that’s just because they consumed bad quality oil. Maybe there was just THC in what they consumed, and they knew it or they just didn’t think of it. Or maybe it was just bad quality. Make sure you purchase form someone who assures of THC-free CBD oil. Look out for manufacturers who completely remove THC while keeping the medicinal properties intact.

THC acts on a few brain receptors to alter its chemistry, whereas CBD doesn?t trigger these receptors, and sometimes prevent from reacting to THC.

9. CBD oil is only for unhealthy or for people suffering from depression

CBD oil used as a health maintenance supplement because of its ability to act as an antioxidant. It also helps in maintaining homeostasis in the human body. CBD oil can be extensively used in cooking. It can be blend into almost any recipe. CBD oil can prove to be very beneficial and tasty in form of post work out recipes, Superfood smoothies, Desserts, etc. Throwing a party? You may want to check out organic CBD oil cocktail recipes.

However, besides the food industry, there is a mountain of evidence all across the web supporting the medicinal benefits of CBD oil for industries like Sports, Fitness, Wellness & Yoga.

10. CBD oil has adverse side effects

CBD oil is not known to have any significant negative side effects and is considered safe. A 2008 review briefed that CBD yields valid pain relief without causing any adverse side effects. Sometimes, it may cause tiredness, diarrhea, and changes in appetite/weight, but CBD oil generally has a better side effect profile when compared to other drugs.

11. CBD is only safe for adults

CBD oil is actually safe and well-tolerated for people of all ages. It is generally recommended to consult a physician to decide what?s right for your child. Children diagnosed with severe epilepsy disorders are treated with CBD oil. CBD oil can treat autism, ADHD, depression, sleeping disorders and anxiety in Kids.

The essential thing for a parent to know is the differentiation between CBD products like pure CBD oil, CBD tincture and CBD capsules. Choose the right kind of CBD oil depending on your doctor’s advice and your kid’s inclination.

12. CBD oil show up in drug tests

It is recommended to use pure, THC-free, CBD oil. Drug tests do not screen for CBD. But sometimes consuming impure CBD oil (which may contain traces of THC) is susceptible to false positive tests. Like I mentioned before, a cannabis plant is called hemp only when it has less than 0.3% THC. That?s less than 3 parts in 1,000. If you?re taking an extremely high dosage of CBD, around 1,000 mg ? which is highly needless, there is less than 3 mg of THC where you may get a false positive test. They are generally ruled out in a second screening.

13. CBD oil is not safe for pets

CBD is safe for pets. I personally use CBD dog treats and oil tinctures for my pets! Also, I?ve personally seen a friend use CBD dog chews for their bedridden dog. Make sure you consult a veterinarian before you give CBD oil to your pet.

Final Thoughts

Organic CBD oil is becoming more popular than ever, so it’s important to make sure you have a clear understanding of what is and isn’t true about it. Consider these debunked myths, and ask a health pro if you have any further questions.

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