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4 Healthier Ways To Clean Your Home

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Being homeowners, we want to attain a healthier environment for ourselves and our families. One way to achieve this goal is through constant cleaning. No one likes to live in a place that’s dusty and a potential breeding ground for disease-carrying pests. You likely use familiar cleaning materials to get rid of these serious health hazards. Then again, the things you use to clean your home can endanger your family’s health as well. That said, you will need to tidy your home the healthier way. With many cleaning products now containing a number of hazardous substances that could harm your family, you might as well focus on using safer products and approaches to keeping your home spic and span. Let’s look at some of the most important health-conscious ways to clean your home and secure a truly disease-free environment!

1. Avoid using commercial pesticides

From roaches to rats, household pests can bring a whole host of diseases that are life-threatening at worst. For many homeowners, the most obvious way to get rid of them is to simply kill them off with chemicals. As much as these products can help liberate your home from hazard-carrying invaders, they also pose a health risk to humans. Direct exposure to these chemicals can lead to the development of hormonal and respiratory problems later on. It’s best not to use them, especially if you have children around.

2. Use vinegar for just about anything

You may have read several blogs describing vinegar as a miracle home cleaning tool. Surprisingly, it really does make for an effective alternative to commercial cleaners. You can simply mix vinegar with water and baking soda to create an organic concoction that is like magic for dirty tiles. Other than that, its deodorizing properties can do wonders for a stinky kitchen sink. Vinegar can also be used as one of many materials for disinfecting your home, from the tiles right down to the toilet bowl.

3. Use organic cleaners with citric acid

If you think vinegar should only be used for cooking and not cleaning, you can always look for organic cleaners that comply with environmental and health standards. Your best bet would be non-toxic cleaners that use citric acid as their main ingredient. Like vinegar, citric acid has the ability to dissipate repugnant odors and make it easier to wipe away stains on any surface, all without the risk of cancers, asthma, and reproductive diseases.

4. Get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide

Unlike any other type of chemical used for heavy duty home cleaning, hydrogen peroxide can be just as effective without posing a major health risk to your family, save for the fact that it can cause first-degree burns. Nonetheless, hydrogen peroxide is relatively safe and can be used anywhere in the house. You just have to keep a bottle of the substance away from children by storing it somewhere safe.


There are a lot of other ways you can clean your home without putting your family’s health in danger. Going green when it comes to your everyday household chores can bring a lot of benefits in the long run.

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