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3 Reasons Healthcare Marketers Should Prioritize Content Marketing

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Through blog posts, white papers, or informational email nurture campaigns, content marketing will be the most effective way to connect with and engage consumers ? now and into the future.

In a world where consumers are more informed than ever, the best way to reach them will soon be through content. Whether you have blog posts, white papers, or informational email nurture campaigns, content marketing will be the most effective way to connect with and engage patients. While traditional marketing techniques can be viewed as a one-way conversation, with healthcare providers pushing out promotional materials to entice patients to buy, taking a content marketing perspective enables companies to have a two-way conversation with prospective patients as they interact and share content.

And, with 60% of social media users being more likely to trust social media posts by doctors and healthcare providers, posting relevant content can be the fastest way to build brand loyalty. The key is to create a content schedule and stick to it, so your social media and online outlets are continually updated with information your patients can use.

According to the award-winning digital content marketing specialists at Response Mine Health, here are the top three reasons why healthcare marketers must start prioritizing content marketing.

Instantly Shareable Content.

Think about how often you might share an informational article with a friend or post it on social media. For most of your patients, they will be more likely to share a blog post than a promotional advertisement. Therefore, by focusing on content marketing, you?re able to have your marketing reach go further, while also educating prospective patients. And, with 41% of patients being more likely to choose a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility based on social media content ? content marketing can be an easy way to boost patient acquisition.

Appeal to the Informed Consumer.

Your patients don?t want to be ?sold? on your products and services. They would much rather have a place to go to for updated resources about their condition, health tips, or even healthcare trends. By using content to get your name out there, you are able to build credibility with your audience, without having to be overzealous with your marketing. Patients are more willing to purchase from a healthcare provider that offers a host of free information and over 40% of patients are often swayed by the content a healthcare provider shares on social media.

Build Brand Credibility.

Whether it is posting informational videos on YouTube, releasing an electronic health newsletter, or hosting live Facebook interviews with specialists, the more content you can get online, the more credible your practice will become.

With something as important as health, patients want to know and trust that healthcare providers are both knowledgeable and thought leaders in the industry. Content marketing enables you to build credibility while also getting your content in front of the target audiences who can benefit from it the most.


If you haven?t started to craft a robust content marketing strategy, then now is the time. As the healthcare landscape becomes more and more competitive, having ways to reach a wider pool of prospective patients will be key in outpacing your competition. That?s why the digital content marketing experts at Response Mine Health specialize in leveraging innovative strategies to help their clients skyrocket their marketing ROI and increase patient acquisition.

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