How To Exercise When You’re In Ketosis Safely And Efficiently

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  One of the fantastic benefits of the ketogenic diet is its rapid weight loss capacity. Once you are in full ketosis, your body is already automatically burning fats as a fuel source. Because of this magnificent effect, some of those who are doing the keto diet has already dropped their workout routines. After all, they can already lose weight even without grinding in the gym. However, exercise is still beneficial in the ketogenic diet. This fact should never be downplayed at all. Even if your energy levels have been lowered down due to the sudden shift from glucose to ketones, you should still avoid being sedentary. There are plausible means to exercise while in the ketogenic diet. Check out these following recommendations to have a good start.

Can You Really Exercise on A Ketogenic Diet?

Before anything else, let us break this myth first: the myth that you can’t exercise while on keto. That’s the biggest lie that I have ever heard. If you have concerns about the diet compromising your routine, drop it already. Contact your doctor if you need any details clarified, but being in ketosis doesn’t mean that your body is weak enough to conquer your training routine. You can still be sustained by ketones in your workouts. It is not only carbs that can empower your training. If you get used to fats as your fuel source, your body will be able to rise in the occasion.

How to Exercise While in the Ketogenic Diet?

You can always exercise even while on the ketogenic diet. However, there are specific guidelines that you have to follow so that you can do it successfully. You might have to adjust your routine so that you can adapt fully. Here is a simple regimen that you can follow:

  • Continue your low-carb, high-fat diet. You can find healthy options for this eating lifestyle. Running out of delectable options is quite impossible.
  • Have your fat consumption before the start of your workout. In this way, your muscles will be able to tap this fuel as quickly as possible.
  • You should also consider drinking keto based supplements. A good example is the keto collagen, which improves the recovery and development of protein.
  • Don’t entirely exclude carbs. The ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet, not a no-fat diet. Have a controlled carb intake from healthy sources such as vegetables.
  • You can skip carbohydrate intake for a few days if you want to achieve a deeper level of ketosis fully. It will help your body adjust in the use of fats as a fuel source.

Doing this routine can boost your performance while working out. But aside from understanding what you need to take, it is also essential that you know what exercises you are allowed to do.

Aerobic Exercises

One of the most straightforward workout routines out there is the aerobic exercise. Often, people call this cardio exercise, and it usually consists of any long duration routines. Typically, one aerobic exercise can last for more than four minutes. Engaging in a low-intensity but regular workout can improve the fat burning process of your body. Carbs are still utilized, but not on an explosive rate. As a result, aerobic exercises are ideal for those who are doing the keto diet.

Anaerobic Exercises

Many are still divided on whether or not aerobic exercises are suitable for the ketogenic diet. Unlike aerobic exercises, anaerobic exercises are truly explosive. One course of aerobic exercise is short as compared to its counterpart. However, the burst of energy that is needed to accomplish the routine is quite high. Intensive interval training and weight training are among its common examples. You can still do these particular exercises but on safer terms. You cannot go overboard because you don’t have enough carbs to sustain them. High-intensity will always use carbs after all. Cutting the number of sets and repetitions is one of the most plausible ways to conquer these stacking odds.

Flexibility Exercises

If you want something that is gentler and less rigid, I do suggest that you try flexibility exercises. These exercises might not help you lose weight or build muscles excessively. However, they can support the development of muscles and joints. Flexibility exercises improve the locomotion and stability of your body. It has a significant effect in expanding the capacity of your muscles to adopt of your different muscle groups. As a result, you can avoid potential injuries while doing more rigid exercises. Yoga is one of the most known exercises for improving flexibility. Doing this while on the ketogenic diet should not pose any problem.

Wrapping it Up

Do not ever think that you can already about from doing any workouts just because you are on the ketogenic diet. Always remember that in any type of diet, exercise is still a vital component. You cannot veer away from this fact, as you can only relish the effects of them once you start being physically active. Just follow the tips and suggestions that I have given, and you can already start grinding your gears! That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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