6 Creative Ways to Stay Healthy at the Office

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Staying healthy at the office is important for both mental health reasons and for staying physically healthy. For a business owner, the wellness of your workers should be a major consideration for you. The fact is that 1 in 5 American workers will experience mental illness at least once per year. Hundreds of studies show that staying fit and healthy at the office can reduce this rate. So here are some creative tips for staying healthy at work.  

Change the Way Your Office Works

90% of business leaders say that health and wellness do have an influence on employee productivity. So it makes sense to change the way your office works. For example, remove the presence of blue lights by covering them up. It contributes to stress, which directly hurts employee wellness. You can also reduce stress by breaking up the workday and discouraging your team from working flat out for long periods at a time.

Bring Fitness into the Office

Staying fit at work is also important, but so many companies struggle with getting their employees up and moving. Options like lunchtime fitness classes are good, but not everyone wants to participate in them. Another option is to invest in some standing desks. The standing desk allows employees to walk while they work. If they can do this for a few minutes every so often it will make the world of difference.

Help Employees to Make Smart Snack Choices

Employers can make a big difference by changing the snacks they stock in the office. Typically, employers will have a standard vending machine with the usual array of sodas and candy bars. This only encourages unhealthy snacks, especially during busy periods when employees don’t have the time to get out. Help them to make healthier snack choices by ensuring that healthy food is available at all times. Stock your vending machines with more water, fruits, and nuts.

Get Your Workers Involved

Don’t just make huge and sudden changes in your business and expect your employees to just go along with it. Get them involved and ask them what they want to see. You may get some ideas you’ve never considered before. Remember that a health and wellness drive requires the consent of everyone there. It has to be a team office.

Bring in Healthy Treats

Cake and candy on a Friday in the office is a tradition in most offices to celebrate the end of a hard working week. As the employer, you have a responsibility to make sure that your employees are eating as healthy as possible. You can influence this by bringing in sweet yet healthy treats. For example, little pieces of dark chocolate are packed full of antioxidants. Coconut yogurts, pieces of avocado, and some nuts at the end of the week are other treats you could bring in. Try using an office snack delivery service to stock up on healthy treats.

Take the Meetings Outside

Long periods spent sitting down are never good for employees, especially if you like to have meetings that last for an hour or more. Why not opt for the walking meeting instead? The walking meeting is simple. Put on your coats and go for a walk while you discuss the issue at hand. In the summer you may even want to relax in the park and have the meeting there. There’s no reason to be cooped up in the boardroom the entire time.

Last Word – Encouraging Healthy Behaviors at Work

Don’t expect your changes to be a hit overnight. It takes time to influence your employees to be healthier. The key is to make it the norm in your office so people actually want to participate. Make sure you collaborate with your team so they feel like these changes aren’t being forced upon them by a higher power. How are you going to encourage healthy behavior at the office?

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