6 Tips for Medical Companies to Improve the Patient Experience

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Few individuals actively look forward to a trip to a medical facility or hospital. Rather, people often feel nervous, concerned, or –– at best –– ambivalent about going to see a medical professional. As such, it’s never been more important for professionals in the healthcare industry to deliver positive experiences for their patients. Not only will this help improve a healthcare organization’s reputation right now, but it could also help your team attract new patients down the line. With that in mind, today we’ll share six different tips that business leaders can use to enhance their company’s day-to-day performance. Check them out here:

Introduce Remote Capabilities

More and more business transactions occur outside of traditional workspaces. This is true across industries, but especially so in the medical field. Indeed, given the continued concern over COVID-19, many hospitals and medical facilities have begun to introduce many remote features to address patient issues outside of regular workplaces. For instance, some doctors are using remote tech to conduct checkups over video conferencing. And other medical companies are using new tech like mobile pharmacy POS systems to process payments during house visits or curbside interactions. Of course, the more convenient, safe, and simple it is for a patient to make an appointment with a medical professional, the more likely they’ll return to your organization again in the future.

Reward Loyalty

Speaking of retention, one of the best ways to earn the loyalty of your patients for years to come is to reward their trust with special promotions, offers, and discounts. Healthcare companies shouldn’t hesitate to thank their patients. Launching a rewards program can do wonders for your reputation and vastly enhance the way patients perceive your operation.

Update Digital Portals

In an ideal world, patients should be able to book appointments online without any hitches. Unfortunately, many healthcare companies lose money and frustrate potential patients because they use outdated digital portals. The good news is that a simple website redesign and/or the introduction of an effective chatbot can help patients get in touch with a medical professional when they need one most. Remember, patients won’t go out of their way to book an appointment with your facility if it’s not simple to do so online. Rather, they’ll seek medical care elsewhere.

Redesign Your Office Space

As mentioned above, many healthcare organizations have acted to provide remote services in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is also a great time to reconsider the physical layout of your practice or facility. Obviously, it may make sense to update seating arrangements and other office features to promote patient and staff safety in response to COVID-19. In addition, though, healthcare businesses may benefit from investing in more permanent additions to their workspace. New furniture, WiFi capabilities, restructured layout, and more recreational items can all significantly improve the quality of your waiting rooms and lobbies. Anything you can do to make your location seem more welcoming and modern is always a good thing. Note also that simply refurbusing and regularly cleaning your waiting rooms and doctor’s offices can also inspire a positive patient response as well.

Follow Up

It’s no surprise that some patients aren’t always excited to go back to the hospital or medical facility for a second or third session. Alternatively, sometimes people just forget that they’ve made an appointment with a doctor. The good news here is that medical facilities can ensure they always stay on the same page as their patients by communicating with them in between visits. Many healthcare companies utilize automated features to send out email reminders a few days before patients have an appointment. Investments like that can translate into serious returns over time and prevent a myriad of miscommunications and misunderstandings from occurring. Facilities may also decide to reach out to patients that they haven’t heard from in a while just to touch base.


Long wait times, confusing payment transactions, multiple forms –– all of these things can try the patience of even the most reasonable patient. Therefore, streamlining your operation will likely lead to an uptick in patient satisfaction. Using modern software to keep track of patient data can, in this instance, streamline what could otherwise be cumbersome interactions. Additionally, healthcare providers can also use that same data to ensure quality care and positive outcomes.


Naturally, no business in any field –– healthcare or otherwise  –– can always guarantee positive results. However, by bolstering your efforts to connect and engage with patients, your organization can build up a solid reputation, earn new business, and offer meaningful support to people who really need it. If your organization is considering changes around the office, then make sure to keep this list handy moving forward. It’ll help you stay focused on some key patient priorities!

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