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Can Teeth Whitening Kits Really Improve Your Smile?

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Well, yes. And no… Let?s explain that a little bit shall we. If you are looking to get a brighter smile, the chances are you are doing a lot of research right now. In most cases, a home kit might lift the color of your teeth more than enough to make them the shade that you are looking for. If you use them correctly. Following the instructions of home teeth whitening kits is paramount to success. So what is the ?yes?? The yes is that in most cases a teeth whitening kit will be perfect for you. And the ?no? Well, if you aren?t also making a few adjustments to the rest of your oral routine, or you don?t follow the instructions you?re not going to get the effect you are looking for. So let?s talk a little bit about lifestyle changes that will support you getting a better smile with your teeth whitening kit.

Food & Drink

If you are eating a lot of food that tends to cling to your teeth, then you might notice you get discoloration pretty quickly. The same goes for some drinks – usually the popular ones, of course. Biggest culprit? Is tea. And it doesn?t really matter how you have your cuppa, what matters is the ingredients in it. Although it is worth remembering that if you prefer black tea, you are likely to get more staining than if you are a heavy coffee drinker. Herbal teas and white teas can also impact your tooth enamel. Of course, you can still enjoy a tasty brew, just remember to be extra thorough when you brush. Soy sauce, curry sauces, and tomato sauces are intensely flavored, and usually deeply colored too. It is better to brush and rinse soon after eating if you don?t want to ditch these flavorsome treats. Ever spilled red wine on a white carpet? Same thing as your teeth. White wine is more acidic so it will attack the enamel, but red wine?s deep color will cling to your teeth. It is pretty logical really, darker drinks and foods will discolor your teeth quickly.


Make the swap. This one is a bit of a big ask, because if you love tea, coffee, and red wine – then you just love it. And it is going to be hard to cut back. But try and reduce your intake. Better aftercare. If you head for your toothbrush right after eating these foods, you?re causing more harm than good. Instead, after consumption, rinse your mouth out with water to remove the acids and any layers that are sitting on your teeth. Wait around 30 minutes and then brush. If you don?t wait, you are going to be damaging the softened enamel on your teeth. If you are out and can?t rinse or brush – then start packing gum with you. Mouthwash should be used after you have brushed and flossed. It will remove any of those little lingering bits of debris, and be able to give you a deeper rinse around the teeth.

General Care

Flossing is something that most people miss out of their dental routine – without good reason really. After you brush, make sure that you floss too. This will remove any food from between your teeth. The food debris will sit and start building up bacteria, which will cause bad breath and damage your gums and teeth.

Whitening Kits

When you are using a kit, it might be tempting to be a little too vigorous. But the kit is a delicate balance of scrubbing and lifting. When it has ingredients like activated charcoal, you need to be careful how much you work that into your teeth. If you don?t follow the instruction, you will actually be causing small grooves and abrasions in the enamel. The real key to getting the best out of the whitening kit that you choose is to make sure that you follow the instructions. If it says 15 minutes and no more, then set a timer to make sure you are strict about it. In general, they are very safe to use provided that you take care and you choose something that is approved by dentists, has plenty of reviews. You really will get what you pay for in terms of ingredients and impact. Consider that fact you are purchasing something to put inside your mouth, and try not to skimp out and buy something cheap. It is also a good idea to stick to one kind of whitening system. So when you purchase your kit, buy the same one next time, or order in bulk. It?s not always a great idea to mix and match the chemicals you are using. At home kits are safe, and give great results if you simply stick to the instructions and implement a better oral hygiene regimen afterwards.

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