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Look Good, Feel Good: Foods That Are Essential For Your Body

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It?s easy to consume unhealthy grub on a daily basis. A lot of junk food is easy to prepare and cook and you crave these delicious treats. But while they might taste good at the time, they aren?t so good for your body. Fats and sugar can make you pile on the pounds. Which can put you at a higher risk of diseases. Also, while they might taste good at the time, they can make you feel really grotty. Therefore, it?s a good idea to switch up your diet so you can not only look good but feel good too. There are some top foods you should eat if you want to notice a difference in your health. Here are why these foods are essential for your body.

Sweet potato

One of the top superfoods you need to ensure you keep your body as healthy as possible is sweet potato. The delicious potato is so good for you as they contain a ton of fibre and potassium which are both important to keep you healthy. They will ensure you maintain a normal blood pressure which will stop you being at risk of health problems such as cancer and diabetes. They are a popular alternative to normal potatoes as they have a lot less calories and have many different health benefits. A lot of restaurants are serving these in addition to regular potatoes so you can even consume them when you are out. You can bake or fry them to make sure they are a delicious addition to your dinner plate.

You could even consider growing your own sweet potatoes. That way, you can consume home-grown potato. They do need high temperatures to grow so it?s best to place them in some form of polytunnel. That way, you can monitor the temperature and get flourishing sweet potatoes which will keep you healthy.

First Tunnels, a company that helps scale production of garden produce, has said that sweet potatoes are one of the most efficient foods to grow. This is great news, since they are also so healthy.


Another food you need to pick up in your supermarket is eggs. These are so good for you as they are full of protein. This is one of the main nutrients you need in your life as they work to repair your muscles. It also fuels your body and spurs on growth and hormones. It can also give you the energy you need to stay healthy on a daily basis. As discussed on Healthline, eggs are full of amino acids which also contribute to getting your body to function properly.

Therefore, it?s time to get your egg on to ensure your body looks and feels great. You could have an omelette for breakfast and a poached egg for lunch to get you started. A lot of bodybuilders have several eggs a day to ensure they build up their muscles to stay fit and healthy.


Another food that you need to have on a regular basis is avocado. This is full of nutrients which will keep you fit and healthy. In fact, it contains 20 vitamins and minerals which are all essential for your well-being. Vitamins including potassium and lutein have a positive effect on your body and help control your blood pressure and keep your body functioning correctly.

Another benefit for your body is that avocados are incredibly low in sugar. That way, you can consume them without worrying about the sugar turning into excess fat. Avocados are also full of healthy fat which will keep your brain healthy and will control your blood sugar. They have become a superfood with a lot of people joining on the avocado-fan bandwagon. Delicious on their own or even on toast, you can add them to your diet.


You should also add nuts to your daily diet if you want to keep your body functioning properly. A lot of people don?t realise how many benefits nuts have when it comes to your health. For one thing, nuts are great as they are full of selenium which keeps your thyroid healthy. As WebMD reveals, nuts also support the immune system and help to prevent damage to nerves. They are also excellent for your heart health and are a great way to control your cholesterol. Whether you decide to add walnuts, almonds or brazil nuts to your body, you will soon a notice a boost in your health.


When you eat the healthy, delicious foods above, you’ll be benefitting your body and promoting overall health and wellbeing. Eat up!

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