Do Fat Burners Work? Busting Five Weight Loss Supplement Myths

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  Are fat burners safe? If you’ve been researching this type of supplement, it’s a question you’ll most likely have come across. “Are fat burners effective” is another one, and both are very important. This is a category of supplement that has seen some controversy in the past: dangerous ingredients, unexpected side-effects, little to no effect. We’ve written this post to debunk five common weight loss supplement myths, and to equip you with the info you need to put your mind at rest when choosing a fat burner. Myth: Fat burners will work without exercise This is the most important myth to debunk. Some people think that a fat burner will help them shed pounds without any lifestyle changes: but this isn’t necessarily the case. Fat burners are designed to supplement the weight loss resulting from a healthy diet and regular exercise. When you have these two things you are more likely to be running a caloric deficit, which means your body burns more calories fueling itself than it has going into it through food and drink. A safe caloric deficit leads to weight loss, and fat burners can increase the amount of weight lost. They are not a magic pill that will cause weight loss regardless of diet and activity levels. If you’re looking to understand the science behind natural diet pills, check out this neat post by Leanbean: Do fat burners work? – the ultimate guide. Myth: Fat burners are a waste of money If used correctly, they can be a solid investment. Some people expect fat burners to do more than they are designed to do: as we said previously, weight loss relies on a caloric deficit from a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you don’t have these things in place, a fat burner won’t do much. So as a rule, they’re only a waste of money if used incorrectly. Myth: Fat burners aren’t regulated A lot of people think that the weight loss supplement marketplace is like the Wild West: full of snake oil salesman trying to make a quick buck. But the reality is quite different. This is a niche with government regulation, and there is a publicly accessible body of scientific literature about ingredients used. In the USA, the responsibilities of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) include “taking action against any adulterated or misbranded dietary supplement product after it reaches the market.” This means any products that fall foul of the FDA’s guidelines will be removed from the marketplace. Other bodies, like the Office of Dietary Supplements, publish detailed information about ingredients you’ll find in fat burners, meaning you can research them individually before making a decision. Myth: Fat burners contain dangerous ingredients At least, the majority of the ones available on the market don’t. While some bad players try to get dodgy ingredients past the FDA, they don’t last long. And with an increasingly savvy customer base, the incentives for being dishonest are smaller than ever. In the past there have been scandals involving powerful stimulants or other dangerous ingredients that have caused adverse reactions in customers. Nowadays this is less common, and people are more aware of what to avoid. As a general rule, weight loss supplements that use natural ingredients approved by health authorities are the best bet. To ensure you’re getting the real product with ingredients as advertised, buy from legitimate marketplaces or straight from the manufacturer. Myth: Fat burners can’t be used with other supplements The reality here is, it depends on the supplements you’re talking about. Some ingredients have maximum daily doses, and if you go beyond those you’re more likely to trigger side effects. Stacking supplements without understanding the ingredients can cause problems, so it’s a case of doing your research. If you’re planning to stack supplements made by different manufacturers, do your research to make sure you don’t exceed any recommended daily intakes. We advise talking to a doctor or other qualified health professional. Myth: Fat burners work the same whether you’re a man or a woman Look on the shelves at a supplement store and you’ll see tons of macho products. Containers shaped like fists, branding that brings to mind explosions, and so on. Then there’ll be a variety variety of neutral products, aimed at men and women. But the idea that supplements work the same for men and women isn’t correct. Due to differences in their physiology, women are often less tolerant of stimulants than men, and have a higher tendency to crave foods. The type of supplement you choose should reflect this: female fat burners often use higher ratios of appetite suppressants and lower levels of stimulants. Conclusion Before considering fat burners and weight loss supplements, take note of these myths. It’s important to stay aware before making the purchase.

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