Finding the Right Fitness Routine for You

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If you’ve decided that you want to get in shape and get a little bit fitter, your next thing is to find a fitness routine, which can be a bit of a minefield! What works for someone else might not work for you, whether it’s down to your schedule or your fitness goals.

It’s important that the routine you choose is something you enjoy doing, as it means you’ll have a higher chance of sticking to it. The right plan can also yield the results you’re looking for. With many different factors to think about, Wellbeing365 offer some helpful insights to help you put together a fitness routine.

What are your fitness goals?

The first thing to consider in creating a fitness routine is why you’re doing it in the first place. What are your reasons for wanting to embark on a fitness routine? It could be any number of things, from feeling more confident in your own skin to getting healthier and shedding those excess pounds.

Your goals can impact the type of fitness routine you follow. For example, if you’re hoping to improve your cardiovascular health, you will need to incorporate aerobic exercise such as walking, running or cycling into your routine. If you want to build muscle, you will likely need to look at strength training which could include lifting weights.

Understanding what you’re hoping to achieve can help you identify the best types of fitness to reach your goals.

Remember that diet is key

No matter what fitness routine you follow, it’s crucial to remember that nutrition and diet is just as important as how much exercise you’re doing. In some cases, it’s more important. No matter how much you exercise, if you’re overeating then you’ll never reach your fitness goals.

Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and not going overboard with processed foods. If you want to lose weight, you must be in a calorie deficit, which means you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming. This is all down to what you eat.

What types of fitness do you enjoy?

Consider what types of fitness or exercise you enjoy doing. This can make it easier to stick to a routine and not dread it every day. For instance, if you love getting out on your bike, make sure cycling is a part of your routine! If you hate running, why force yourself to do it? It just means you’re more likely to make an excuse to avoid doing it.

Gyms can be intimidating for some, so why not look into fitness routines that you can do in your own home? It can be helpful to write down a list of exercises you like, and exercises you don’t like, and build your routine around it.

Have realistic expectations

Planning a fitness routine and actually doing it can be two very different things. Look at your schedule and consider what you actually have time for, especially if you work full-time or you have children. Everyone can fit some sort of fitness into their daily routine, but be realistic. Whether you have 20 minutes spare or an hour, use it wisely.

If you know you have a busy day coming up, consider getting up a bit earlier to fit your exercise in first. On the other hand, if you know you’re not a morning person then look at how you could fit in an exercise class or a run after work, or on your lunch break.

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