Amazing Health Benefits of Using Natural Makeup for a Wonderful Look

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  • You should use natural makeup to avoid the health problems regular cosmetics create.

You probably don’t think as much about your health when you are trying to present yourself to be as attractive as possible. However, there are a lot of ways that your makeup ties in with your health.

You may want to try using natural makeup to avoid the problems that chemicals in other types of makeup create. Your skin will be better and you won’t have to worry about harsh carcinogens. This is why you should avoid toxic makeup as much as possible.

Using Natural Makeup for a Healthy Look

There are many different kinds of makeup styles you can emanate. You can try full party makeup, bridal makeup – and for days when you want to chill, natural makeup. When you get good at applying natural makeup, you will be able to convince people that you look this stunning without any effort.

One of the benefits of natural makeup is that it is healthier for your skin. As we said before, regular makeup can hinder the skin repair process, especially if you keep it on in the evening.

Of course, if you are working from home and expected to attend Zoom meetings you may well want to use this look more often. On days when there are no meetings, you can stay in your pajamas and leave your hair in a messy bun. But when you need to look good, a natural makeup style is just perfect for these work meetings. Of course, the next thing you have to do is work out how to achieve this so here are hints and tips to help you look natural and stunning next time you go on camera.

A Clean Foundation

There is no point trying to apply any makeup until you have sorted the basics. It is essential that you wash your face each day to get rid of daily dirt and grime. This can remove excess makeup and help prevent skin conditions like acne. A soft face cloth is your best bet, and you can combine this with a natural soap, free from chemicals and parabens. If you are aiming for a natural makeup look, you should avoid exfoliation as part of your facial routine on that day as this will leave you looking pink around the edges. You need to look for a natural cleanser that can buff your skin and leave it looking bright and radiant.

Hydrate Your Skin

Another thing your face needs, even if you aren’t going outside and facing the daily commute is moisture. A basic moisturiser is essential every day, but you need to make sure it is light and not too greasy. It is still important even if you feel that you have oily skin because the makeup of these creams has been designed to soak up excess oils from the skin but leave it soft and well hydrated. Once you have moisturised, go and do something else for 1/2 an hour or so to allow the cream to take effect before moving on.

Base Layer

You may not think foundation is vital if you are going for a natural makeup look, but it still is an essential part of your routine. You can get away with using a tinted moisturiser if you prefer or stick to a lighter foundation. The only time you should use a heavier, more traditional foundation cream is if you are having a bad skin day and finding some spots. A green tint stick is also useful to hide these from the camera. Be sure not to cake yourself with foundation and blend very well, taking your time to ensure it has a natural finish. While you have the green stick handy, hide any problem areas like the circles under your eyes that give away the fact you’ve stayed up far too long binge-watching Netflix. For any significant problem areas, you will need to use a concealer, and again be sure to blend well and take your time to avoid any prominent lines.


The power stage is really up to you, but it’s crucial if you are headed for an online meeting that the camera doesn’t pick up your face as being too shiny. If you don’t have a shiny complexion, then you’ll probably be okay. But if you think it might, it’s time to grab the powder, one that matches your natural skin tone, and dust it lightly across your face. Be sure that you are using a natural powder, not a bronzing powder; otherwise, it will be apparent that you are wearing makeup.

Pretty in Pink

A bit of blusher adds color to your cheeks, and if you are going for a natural look, you should be choosing a cream blusher that is not too far away from your natural complexion. Buff it gently on the puffy part of your cheeks and blend it well. You are aiming for a subtle look that people can often mistake as being normal. 

The Eyes Have It

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but they’re certainly on display when you are on camera. Start by gently curling your eyelashes and if you feel that they are not making a statement, add some light mascara. Blondes should never use anything darker than brown eyeliner; black is reserved for those who have a dark complexion and can pull it off. Recheck them once you have finished making sure you haven’t left any mascara clumps as these certainly aren’t going to help you pull off the natural look.

And there you have it, leave your lips playing with a bit of lip balm to give them a perfect sheen, and if you’re trying to get away with the top half office, bottom half pajama bottoms be sure to position your camera well.

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