Health Considerations When Filling Glass Vape Cartridges

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  • There are a lot of health considerations when cleaning your glass vape, so it should be handled properly

Glass vapes are often seen as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. It is important to be aware of this since many more children are vaping these days. However, there are still some health issues that need to be taken into consideration.

One factor that you need to think about is cleaning your vape. If you don’t clean it regularly, then you may be at risk of contracting salmonella and other forms of harmful bacteria. You also need to make sure that you don’t use harmful chemicals that you could inhale later.

Health Issues to Consider When Cleaning Your Glass Vape

Sometimes it can be wasteful when you don’t know how to maintain the new technology. Just like that, throw away your cartridges after using them only once. Why not refill if they allow you to refill them? But how to refill the cartridge may come across your mind now. Hence, the glass vape cartridges look different from the traditional vape cartridges.

Well, the process is quite easy, simple and straightforward. Luckily there is no need for any special tools but just a syringe. All you need is a refillable vape cartridge and vape juice that you want to use, and then the rest is just a matter of a couple of minutes.

Now let’s read out the easy steps on how you can fill your glass vape cartridge. Hopefully, you would be happy to go through the process each & whenever you refill your cartridge.

Step 1: Load The Syringe With Your Favorite Vape Juice

First of all, choose oil or juice that fits your vaping, and the thickness is perfectly right. The type of juice that you use determines how it affects your body. After that, you can choose a syringe or a disposable dropper. But take a dropper that is 1ml to 10ml in size. Most of the cartridges in the market have an indication line. So according to your cartridge capacity, fill the syringe with your favorite oil or juice as you should not go over your cartridge capacity.

Step 2: Unscrew The Mouthpiece

After loading the syringe, place it aside for a minute and take your pen to unscrew the mouthpiece, this mouthpiece functions with a gasket that works against the glass cartridge. On the inside, a thread keeps the gasket perfectly in place.

The glass cartridge where you have to place or inject your flavored juice or oils. When you open it you will see on the inside, a thread keeps the gasket perfectly.  After a couple of full reverses turns the thread should unscrew and be able to free from the middle.

If all goes well then you will get into the most interesting step of this whole process.

Step 3: Pull Out The Mouthpiece

After unscrewing, pull out the cap from the inner gasket. This is one of the most important parts of a vape. But be careful when pulling it out or turning to unscrew. The mouthpiece is mostly made with plastic, so you have to keep the cap undamaged. Once you pull it off, keep it safe as this cap is small to be easily lost anywhere. Now take your syringe and be ready to inject the oils into the cartridge.

Step 4: Inject The Syringe & Fill The Cartridge

This is the main and fun part of this whole process. When you pull out the cap, you will see a narrow filling chamber. Use your dropper to place the juice in between the pole and the glass wall. Your cartridge may have a center pole in that case you have to be steady to drip the oils. For a better hold and easier control, you shouldn’t detach the vape pen. But the most important things to keep in mind never go overfill.

As a side note, you can lightly heat your cartridge pen first. If your oil is thicker then it will help to a smooth narrow down. But don?t overheat the cartridge as it can unusually degrade the oils. 

To avoid oil drop and make the process smoother every standard juice pack comes with some dripping guidelines. You can also read them so that your dripping goes straight up.

But the most important things to keep in mind never go overfill. The over flooded oil can get into the battery section and the whole process could be messy.

Step 5: Let The Oil or Juices Settle

Most of the cartridges come in 1ml capacity. In that case, you have to wait till the filling oil finishes. On the other hand, if the cartridge has a bigger chamber to fill, you can drip the oils to settle in the cartridge’s lower recesses for long use.

You should not make it rush, just keep the cartridge in one hand for a while. So take your time and be steady.

Step 6: Pull Back The Cap And Screw Onto Your Cartridge

Now the process comes to an end, so take the little mouthpiece and pull it back. Gently push it against the threads and turn it clockwise. After a couple of turns, it would be perfectly screwed and ready for the puff.

If your cartridge is bigger, then you will need a dripping machine. Otherwise, you have nothing to worry about but choosing the perfect vape juice for your glass vape cartridge.

Final Words

Last but not least, if your cartridge is bigger then you will need a dripping machine. Otherwise, you have nothing to worry about but choosing the perfect vape juice for your glass vape cartridge.

In short, the process is simple, easy and if you have the right equipment including oils, syringes and care, it will be a matter of just a couple of minutes.

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