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Here’s How To Make Sure Feeling Your Best Starts At Home

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It?s no secret that we like to look good and feel comfortable in our own skin. In fact, most of our health and wellness is controlled by what we do in our own home where we feel most comfortable. If your home is littered with empty pizza boxes, soda, and other vices, you are setting yourself up for failure from the get-go. On the other hand, think of homes with loads of vegetables on the countertop, a comfortable bedroom for better sleep, and even rooms for a gym, yoga session, or meditation. Wouldn?t you live healthier in the second setting?

Here are some ways you can take health and wellness seriously in your own home so that every time you step out that door for work, school, or just a walk, you look and feel your best.

Gets Some Rest

Sleep is an area which we tend to neglect, but it should be given a little more respect. Getting a good night?s sleep can help minimize baggy eyes, improve your mood (cranky is bad) and provide you with more energy to battle your day without the excessive use of caffeinated products. Learning a few key sleep help tips can get you started on the right track, so you can learn how to best schedule your day in and around your needed sleep.

One of the primary ways people tend to mess up their sleep schedules is light exposure. Whether you live in a city and don?t have good blinds or you stay up late 3 inches from your glowing cell phone and tablet, light stimulates us. Try blue light blocking glasses, thick curtains, or stopping your TV time long before bed to give your body the ability to get the best rest it can.

Dress to Your Style

There?s just something about wearing a great outfit that can make you feel awesome. So it?s no surprise that wearing clothes that are comfortable and fit your style should be a priority. Everything from the shoes, tops, socks and underwear you wear should be considered. Although no one can see your undies, nothing is worse than an uncomfortable bra or panties. Look for quality materials and styles that are comfortable such as seamless thong that also eliminates panty lines.

Going beyond the undies, let?s take a look at swimwear. It?s another hot topic as we head into warmer weather. Although most women dread finding a new swim suit, it doesn’t have to be impossible to find one you like. Before heading to the store, take a peek at the trends and choose what fits you. Maybe a two-piece is your flavor, or possibly a cheeky one-piece swimsuit is your thing. No matter your personal style, there is something out there for you.

Protect Your Skin

Get some SPF and stat. The sun is a beautiful thing but it can wreak havoc on your skin with overexposure. So in order to look and feel great, go outdoors for some fresh air and sun, but don?t forget about the sunscreen. After you leave the direct sunlight think about products like aloe or lotions for post-sun recovery or perhaps an overnight lotion to help your skin stay clean and healthy.

When heading out you should still arm your skin with more than 1 layer of sunscreen. Also consider a sun hat to go with your ensemble to protect you from direct sun rays on your face and neck, two areas where skin is much more sensitive. And speaking of sensitive, make sure you own a pair of polarized sunglasses to keep your eyes safe while outdoors.

Work Out

Yes, do something to get your body moving. Walk, jog, bike, skate, or take up tai chi. The choice is up to you, but just get going. After a workout, you’re gifted with a sense of accomplishment and this helps you feel good. Activities that encourage you to stretch and bend such as yoga, bicycling and swimming, provide you with the movements you need to keep your body engaged. When your body is engaged, you gain more energy and with that energy, you strive to do more activities. So it?s a win-win situation. Get moving to gain energy, so you can do more of the things you enjoy in life.


Taking care of yourself and making sure that feeling your best starts at home is a great way to build a happy, healthy life. Try these simple steps for big changes.

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