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Forecasts for neurointerventions in acute stroke

Over the past two decades, one could witness the advent and significant…

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Stroke Before 50 Not Good for Long Term Health

Adults 50 years of age and younger who experienced a stroke had…

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Hip Replacement Increases Stroke Risk Fourfold

Individuals who underwent a total hip replacement had at least four times…

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Northwest Hospital Earns Prestigious National Award for Stroke Care

On Monday, July 16, Northwest Hospital officially celebrated its receipt of the

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Device at Sinai Hospital Helps Save Lives of Stroke Patients

Sinai Hospital has begun use of a new device that provides timely…

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Eating Well After Stroke: Tips for Dealing With Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia) and Post-Stroke Eating Problems

   Eating well after stroke is key to successful recovery. After all,…

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Stroke Awareness at the Forefront in May

 We probably almost all know of somebody who has had a stroke.…

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Different but the Same: Emotional Changes After Stroke

When someone survives a stroke, a family feels relief, happiness, and joy.…

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Stents for Stroke Prevention A Risky Proposition

Sen. Mark Kirk, Republican of Illinois, suffered a debilitating stroke on Monday,…

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Increased Prevalence of Stroke Hospitalizations Seen in Teens and Young Adults

Rising trends in risk factors and comorbidities are associated with the increase…

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