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The Changing Role Of Physical Therapy – From Rehab To Pre-Rehabilitation

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Normally people associate physical therapy with pain treatment based only on the concept of rehabilitation. But today it is just one aspect of the treatment. Physical therapy now aids fitness and health and is part of any health program. Another misconception is that we often confuse the role of physiotherapists with that of massage therapists because both can help treat pain. The work of a physiotherapist differs from that of a massage therapist because of the latter works on a patient. Who stays passive during the therapy sessions. Still, physiotherapy requires complete patient involvement. And the outcome depends on the level of active participation.

Physiotherapy requires the more active participation of patients because the treatment is now much more movement-based. Physiotherapists at PhyxMe, a physical therapy clinic in Chicago. No longer rely solely on MRI scans and X-rays to determine what the patient is going through. but instead, they observe the movements and understand what impairments or weaknesses the patient may have. They can quickly detect joint stiffness, muscle weakness in some areas Tightness in others that can result in a change in posture and cause the patient to perform functional movements that might not be optimal.

Proactive treatment

Going to a physiotherapist for pain treatment or for treating other conditions of physical instability is normal. It means that you will go to a physiotherapist only when you suffer from some condition of pain. Face problems related to the musculoskeletal system. Which the therapist can cure and provide relief. But the modern treatment of physiotherapy has evolved so much that even an apparently healthy person. Can consult a physiotherapist to avoid possible impairments in the future by detecting potential problems that lie hidden and may surface many years later. The proactive approach helps people to ensure that they lead a life free from pain and injury.

Pre-rehabilitation is more important than rehabilitation

Physiotherapy has evolved from the traditional rehabilitation treatment to the new approach of pre-rehabilitation treatment. As discussed above. Pre-rehabilitation treatment revolves around the prevention of pain and injury so that people stay healthy and fit.  Pre-rehabilitation programs aim to prepare your body to perform the tasks optimally so that the chances of developing pain and injury are minimal. For example, practicing the right posture can help to maintain a healthy spine and reduce the chances of pain. Again, strengthening your core and improving your lifting mechanisms can help to avoid injury and stress.

Customized programs

It is now clear why physiotherapy is now a part of the fitness regime, and since every individual undertakes different types of tasks and movements, the pre-rehabilitation programs are customized for every individual.  After evaluating the ways your body moves, the physiotherapist will take you through several functional movements based on which he or she will then test specific areas for muscle strength, muscle length and joint mobility as well as other areas that could be contributing to less than optimal movements.

Based on the findings, the physiotherapist then creates a roadmap for better body function.    Having a yearly functional checkup will help to stay free from pain and injury.

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