Top 10 Everyday Habits To Prevent Back Pains

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  • Want to help prevent back pains? Here are some everyday habits that can help!

Back pains are a common condition with many people today. According to research, a number of factors (including poor posture, wrong shoes, mineral deficiencies, etc.) may be to blame for the condition. Making a few changes to your life, and especially everyday habits, can however, help lessen the pains and even provide a long-term solution for the same. This may involve protecting your spine, reducing strain, relieving pressure, and strengthening your core muscles, you can even use essential oils to help with back pain.  Making a few lifestyle changes can go a long way in reducing/preventing back pains. Some of the everyday habits you might want to improve include:

1. Place A Pillow Under Your Knees

If you are a back sleeper, you might then want to put a pillow under your legs to help reduce pressure on your spine. Sleeping straight on your back exerts lots of pressure on your back and back muscles, causing you to wake up feeling tired and with a painful back. A pillow under your legs helps relieve the pressure by reducing the spinal-arc.

2. Exercise Your Core Muscles

Regular exercise is good for your health. In addition to jogging, walking, or going to the gym, it would be advisable to start focusing on your core muscles. Working these muscles through abdominal strength training helps reduce the risk of muscle spasms and strains, among other back-related injuries. Try working your abdominal muscles at least twice a week. You will be surprised how flexible your body and back will be in just a few days.

3. Increase Your Vitamin D and Calcium Intake

Vitamin D and calcium are the vital ingredients required for the development of strong bones. Your body’s supply of calcium declines as you get older, one of the reasons health experts recommend increasing your intake of calcium and vitamin-rich foods. Basking in the morning or evening sun should help the body synthesize vitamin D.

Milk, green leafy vegetables, and yogurt are some of the best sources of calcium. You can also supplement your Vitamin supply by eating egg yolks, fatty fish, beef liver, and cheese. Your doctor might also recommend supplements for these.

4. Switch to The Right Shoes

Wearing the wrong shoes, especially high-heels, can make the condition even worse.  Wearing low-heeled (flat) and comfortable shoes can, however, help reduce/prevent back pains.

5. Improve Your Posture

Many people have a habit of slouching, bending sideways, and rounding their shoulders while idle or even working. Such posture can strain your back, hence not recommended. Consider straightening your position to avoid straining your spine architecture.

6. Avoid Slouching While Working

Many of us tend to slouch over the table, especially when working on a computer. Slumping over the desk only strains the back even more. That said, it would be wise to set upright on a comfortable and ergonomic chair with proper back support. Ensure your knees are slightly higher than your hips while you sit.

7. Walk Around

Staying seated for a long time can be tiring at times. Make it a habit of taking a 5-minute break between tasks to reduce pressure on your spine.  You can use this time to look out of the window or even grab a glass of water to rehydrate.

8. Quit That Cigarette

Cigarettes contain nicotine, a compound believed to cause restricted blood flow in most parts of the body, the spine included. Continued smoking will even cause the spinal disks to dry out, crack, and even rapture over time. The restricted blood flow to these discs also means they don’t get enough nourishment, which again weakens your back.  The best remedy for this would be to quit the cigarette altogether. It will also lower your Medicare Advantage plans for 2021 if you stop now

9. Avoid Lifting Heavy Loads

Lifting heavy weights is one of the leading causes of lower back pains. Using the wrong technique to lift a lighter load, including a suitcase, camera, groceries, and even a loaded laptop bag, can strain your back as well. It would thus be advisable to be mindful of the loads you take on, and consider using a rolling cart when moving heavier loads.

10. Do Simple Stretching Exercises

Simple exercises, such as walking around, doing simple stretches, and even taking the stairs in the office, can help reduce the effects of back pains. These exercises help keep the blood moving hence nourish the back and discs. This enables the back to relax and relieve soreness as well.

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