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Try These 5 Holistic Methods For Stress Management

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According to holistic healing practitioners, a person must bring all areas of their life into perfect balance. This includes; mind, body, spirit, and emotions. This is a practice that dates back hundreds of years. So, how did we get so off the path? To understand, we have to look deeper.

The concept of holistic healing is confusingly simple. It is based on the fact that every part of the physical and emotional body directly affects every other part of the body.

For example, perhaps you visit your doctor because of back pain. He will examine and question you about your legs, the shoes you wear, and your posture. It may be that your back is the problem, or it could be that your choice of footwear is impacting your spine. The position of your neck while working with a computer could cause neck pain. It could also cause back pain and headaches. To correct your back pain, you must identify all of the causes of the pain.

Modern Medicine

Medicine comes from a variety of sources. Most people associate the word “medicine” with tablets, powders, or liquids that are produced in a factory, tested by the Federal Drug Administration and sold to the public either over the counter or with a prescription. These drugs may have a plant base, chemical base, and in some cases produced from a fungal base like penicillin.

Many medications you can buy over the counter today, were once only available by prescription. This means that the FDA concludes that when taken as directed, the drug does not cause a threat to the consumer. Therefore, we must assume that OTC drugs are still drugs.


Essential Oils

The same can be said for essential oils. Essential oils are oils extracted from plant life, These oils have properties that have been used for generations to heal, balance, and restore balance to the body.

When used correctly, they are powerful medications. For example, 3 drops of peppermint essential oil for nausea can ease your symptoms. One or two drops of tea tree oil for damaged skin can restore skin that has damaged by the weather, acne, or infection.

Why is stress the main focus?

If we had to select one problem that affects causes the most harm to the body, it would have to be stress. Stress interrupts sleep. It causes upset stomach and could cause ulcers, heartburn, and other digestion issues. Stress can cause headaches (including migraines,) loss of focus and concentration and memory issues.

Medical science has long known that stress is a contributor to many serious and even deadly illnesses. Stress is almost always a factor in heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, and diabetes. You will almost always find people who fight obesity, smoking, and addiction lead to a stressful life.


The 5 methods of holistic wellness that will save you from stress

Physical method

  • The human body needs at least a minimal amount of exercise daily. An hour per week of walking, aerobics, swimming, or even dancing and hiking will keep the metabolism functioning and the muscles and organs of the body.
  • Essential oils that will give you energy, stamina, and drive include:
    • Lemon
    • Orange
    • Cinnamon
    • Peppermint

People will often adjust their formula until they get the right combination for them. Then place them in a roller bar or dark bottle and rub them into the skin.

Nutritional method

  • When you begin your holistic journey to health you must consider that everything you do affects everything else you do. It is common sense that if you are exercising more, you are going to lose weight. Exercise alone is not the answer. Exercise will immediately relieve stress. Diet alone is not the answer. You have to take it slow and easy. If you only want to lose a few pounds, the exercise method will help you build muscle and eliminate foods that trigger unhealthy eating. But if you need to lose more than a few pounds, you are going to eat whole and healthy foods. Your essential oils compounds will include oils that will speed up your metabolism and reduce unhealthy cravings.
  • They include:
      • Grapefruit essential oils
      • Cinnamon Bark
      • Ginger
      • Bergamot
    • Fennel
    • Note: You can also use peppermint and lemongrass in this mixture. These oils are usually put in hot tea and ingested or placed in a diffuser near where you dine.

Sleep Method

  • We all need sleep. We know that our body restores and renews itself while we sleep, yes the CDC reports 1 in every 3 Americans are sleep deprived. Stress is the number one reason we report that keeps us from sleep. We are told to keep the bedroom electronic free. Do not eat within an hour of going to bed. Make sure we drink enough water. But still, the worries of the day or the dread of tomorrow creeps into our beds with us. Holistic healers use the following oils for deep and restful sleep. Because sleep problems often cross many of the above-mentioned categories, it may take some time to get it right. Start with the following essential oils:
      • Lavender and lemongrass tea
      • Lavender and Chamomile tea
      • Cedarwood rub on or diffused
      • Frankincense rub on or diffused (or both)

Family & Friends (Social lives)

  • People need people. We need to have people in our lives that believe as we do. We need to have people who understand us and challenge us. We are a social being. Many people who are clinically depressed report that they have no friends. Their family is sick of them and their problems. They label themselves as loners. Reality is, they feel alone.
  • There is not a magic pill or a magic oil that will cause you to become social. However, once you balance the chemicals in your brain that trigger depression, you are mentally clear enough to take on the challenge of meeting new people.
      • Understand this. ALL of the above-mentioned methods to stress busters are on the path to a happy and balanced mental life. All of the above-mentioned oils work with your body to lift your mood and give you a sense of well-being,
      • If you are taking prescription medication for depression, tell your doctor of any essential oils you are using.
    • Besides the oils mentioned, you can try the following:
        • Jasmine
        • Orange
        • Clary Sage
      • Turmeric

Vitamins and Minerals

It is important that you visit your doctor at least twice per year for a complete blood work up. You are changing every part of your life. The foods you eat and the way they are used will be reflected in your blood. Many people think they can just take a once per day vitamin and they are covered. Many people are. But are you one of them?

Someone you know may be going to the nurse every 30 days and getting a vitamin B12 shot. They claim it is the best thing they ever did. The nurse did not take blood to see if they were low on B12, she just collected the fee and gave them the shot. Later a medical doctor found that she did not need Vitamin B12 at all. What she lacked was iron, and vitamin D. This is something you need to work with your doctor on and adjust your diets and supplements accordingly.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, nature has a path for us to take that will remove stress and return our health. All we have to do it put a little effort into it. Soon you will be in complete control.

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