4 Reasons To Meditate Using The Amazing Power Of Dance

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So many people fail to recognize the health benefits of dancing. Not only is it a great way to get your body moving it also feels good, but it?s also fun and exciting, and it?s a great way to relax and unwind.

When most of us think of meditation, we think about sitting quietly in a room by ourselves. We?ve never considered dancing as a form of meditation, but it certainly fits the bill.

For starters, dancing is natural for many of us. We love going to local dances in our community or nightclubs to move to the rhythm of the music, get our blood pumping and juices flowing, and ultimately having an exciting time.

As a favorite activity, you should definitely do more dancing instead of less. To find out why it?s such a great form of meditation, please stick around to discover our four preferred reasons below.

1. Dancing Is an Intoxicating Experience

Too many people have too much stress nowadays. Our schedules are overburdened with too many activities, and we work so hard that it?s hard to get in a free moment to ourselves. Forget about dancing for a moment and let?s focus on how to best manage stress.

Stress is completely overwhelming for many people. We spend time in the therapist?s office and they prescribe medication because our lives are completely overwhelmed. What if there was a better way to overcome the stress and challenges of life? What if there was a different way to feel good that doesn?t require medication?

As mentioned above, dancing is an intoxicating experience whenever you find yourself on the dance floor. Whether you?re picking up leotards for your next dance class, or you?re going out with friends to a local club, as soon as your body starts moving to the rhythm of the music you?ll achieve a trance-like state that will create an experience that is intoxicating, exciting and mind-numbingly fun.

2. Dancing Is a Great Way to Raise Your Spirits

Are you feeling really low because you?re having a problem at work? Or maybe you?re very sad because your pet died, you?re in a fight with your best friend, or your child is having a tough time at school?

No matter what life situation is upsetting you, it?s always possible to raise your spirits through dancing. Turn on your favorite song on the radio, shake your body all around, move your feet, and as the song says, ?Let the rhythm take control. Let the rhythm move you.?

It?s impossible to feel down in the dumps while dancing. If you do not believe it you should seriously give it a try and see what happens.

As soon as you start moving your body, your spirits will automatically become lifted because the feel-good chemicals known as endorphins will get released into your bloodstream and reach your brain. As a result, your body will naturally begin to feel a lot happier and much less depressed.

3. We?ve Been Dancing Away Our Troubles for Millennia

Dancing has been around as long as time and going all the way back to the tribal days, we?ve been using dancing as a form of meditation. The rhythmic movements help put us into a trance-like state. While moving this way, you cannot help but feel great because of the endorphin rush you?ll create in your body.

Tribal dancing is still alive and kicking to this very day. But we?ve taken dancing to a whole new level because therapists are now using it to create meditative movements in their practice and it?s clearly helping patients overcome their sadness and woes.

4. Dancing Is a Therapeutic and Consciousness Shifting Activity

Finally, moving your body to the music is unrestrained and therapeutic. As you dance, you?ll shift your consciousness and begin to experience positive emotions through this fun form of exercise. In fact, dancing has a positive effect on your physical, emotional, and psychological development because it helps connect the mind, body, and spirit.

Final Thoughts

It?s time to begin thinking outside of the box when it comes to meditation. You no longer need to lock yourself in a room and sit cross-legged on the floor for hours at a time. If you need a break and want to meditate, turn up the radio and begin dancing instead – you?ll feel great!

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