Why Medical Professionals Should Embrace Internet Marketing

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Nearly 60 percent of Internet users access the Web for medical information, according to Cato Research.

Nearly 60 percent of Internet users access the Web for medical information, according to Cato Research. The days of the family doctor being the primary source for all health and wellness information is over, unless you embrace the web to market your practice and connect with your existing and potential patients.Medical Search Marketing

Why medical professionals should embrace the web

1. To be where the interest is. American consumers are increasingly looking to the Internet for health care information. If you’re not marketing your practice on the web, you’re likely losing business to a practice that is already using Internet marketing.

2. To expand your reach. The potential of social media posts to reach many times the number of people in your own fan base is exciting. Write interesting posts that your “friends” will want to share with their friends and that their friends want to share with their friends and you can reach hundreds, even thousands, more people than are in your original core group.

3. To form a bond with your patients. Most doctors only see their patients for a brief time when they are sick and not at their most receptive to marketing information. By using social media and other Internet marketing techniques to reach out to patients, you can interact with them when they have more time and energy to evaluate your message.

4. To promote auxiliary services. Your existing patients may not be aware of the many services your practice offers other than just helping them get well when they are sick. If your practice hosts wellness classes, organizes exercise groups or sells health supplements, the Internet is a great place to get the word out about those products.

The world of medical marketing is changing rapidly. Internet marketing can help you reach a whole new group of potential patients who wouldn’t necessarily know about your practice as well as bond with your existing patients. If you haven’t yet considered Internet marketing, it’s well worth the time and effort to explore this exciting marketing option.

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