5 Tips For Starting Your Own Gym

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  If you aspire to start your own business, and you are passionate about fitness, starting a gym is an excellent option for you. Taking advantage of the growing health and fitness trend only makes sense for a business. There are so many fitness plans to promote, so there are plenty of options from which you can choose. But what does it take to start your own gym? Here are 5 tips to help you get a headstart.

1) Decide on a Marketing Strategy

Picking the right marketing strategy will help you attract the audience you want. Maybe you’re interested in yoga, in which case you want to market your gym as a calming place with people doing yoga on the brochures for your gym. You also can hold events, such as dance competitions or Pilates sessions with special guest instructors. You should also consider movement marketing. This is a strategy that focuses on turning your brand into something that incites positive change in the world. The StrawberryFrog movement strategy model is a highly recommended place to start when getting into it!

2) Earn Your Certifications

Though you don’t necessarily need a fitness certification to run a gym, they help make your gym look credible. Groups like the American Council on Exercise offer accreditation programs that allow you to start your gym. It’s also recommended that you start as a personal trainer before opening your gym, so you’re sure it’s what you want to do. Holding private sessions as a trainer helps establish your clientele. Your current students are likely to follow you when you open your own facility down the line.

3) Apply for Permits and Licenses

In addition to certifications, you should also acquire the normal business permits that everyone is required to have. You will need to register the business for any local and federal taxes and obtain an Employer Identification Number. Some states also require CPR certified staff and an emergency plan, such as a physician contact. Building and business zoning also require permits. This will determine your location and adherence to different building codes. Hiring a legal expert can help you solve any number of these conundrums.

4) Get the Right Insurance

When dealing with heavy equipment, it is always possible someone can get injured. Even if everyone is following proper safety procedures, there can still be accidents. Liability insurance helps keep your business safe. When members agree to use a gym’s facilities, there is often a clause that the gym is not liable if any harm is done or the member misuses the equipment. This means no one can pursue legal action against you. Be sure to include a clause like this in your new member registration contracts.

5) Hire a Professional Team

There is no way to manage a business like this by yourself. Make sure to hire a team you can trust that will get your business on its feet. Accredited personal trainers and other professionals will boost the quality of your business. Many gyms have in-house and freelance trainers. You should be thorough when you check for licenses or other necessary accreditation. Any workers who are independently contracted should also have insurance.

In Conclusion

Starting any business can present internal and external challenges. You have to carefully consider if investing time in your own gym is truly what you want. There are many financial legal and considerations to make. Despite this, people start gyms every day to make money while sharing and teaching a love for fitness. As a final tip, don’t underestimate the power of social media. So many health-minded people use social media platforms every day and will see the ads for your startup. Social media presence can set the tone of your establishment and promote your brand.

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