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6 Important And Powerful Benefits Of Custom Foot Orthotics

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Custom foot orthotics are medical devices that not only provide cushion and arch support but also offer a few more benefits. The primary benefits of custom foot orthotics offer are discussed below.

If your feet are aching especially when standing, walking, or running, you know you can find quick relief by using over-the-counter shoe inserts or prefabricated orthotics. While shoe inserts can provide you with instant relief, arch support, and extra cushion, they cannot completely fix foot pain simply because they are not exactly designed to deliver the specific benefits you require.

Custom foot orthotics, on the other hand, are way different. They are medical devices that not only provide cushion and arch support but also offer a few more benefits. The primary benefits that custom foot orthotics offer are discussed below.

1. Custom foot orthotics are more effective and efficient

Custom foot orthotics are specially made to fit your prescription specifications, considering your specific medical condition, the assessment of your limb length and the measurements of your legs and feet. This makes them more effective and efficient compared to those mass-produced prefabricated foot orthotics which you can easily purchase from malls or from the drugstores.

The prefabricated insoles are designed to fit your shoes but they might not fit your feet. You may find them too high or low while the custom foot orthotics are made only for you.

2. Custom foot orthotics provide the right support needed

Your feet are not only responsible for supporting your body but they also balance your body weight. Ill-fitting shoes and wrong posture due to biomechanical foot issues like over-pronation, supination, and fallen arches can cause extra strain which can lead to pain and injury in the lower back, knee, and foot.

Since custom foot orthotics are specifically made for you, they are able to provide enough support to where it is needed and effectively alleviate or prevent pain in the right spot.

3. Custom foot orthotics alleviate and prevent pain and injury

No matter what, your feet should not hurt. If your feet are always in pain, you may need to have them checked by a podiatric physician or foot specialist. The podiatrist will likely prescribe foot orthotics to alleviate the pain and prevent it from occurring. They will also protect your feet against foot ulcers, calluses, corns, and foot injury.

4. Custom foot orthotics help improve foot function

Custom foot orthotics will make your feet feel more comfortable and pain-free, thus improving its function.

5. Custom foot orthotics correct foot abnormalities

Though the generic shoe inserts provide extra cushion, allowing your feet to feel comfortable and relaxed, they cannot be used to correct foot abnormalities. The custom foot orthotics, however, can. Not only can they help minimize foot pain, they can also correct abnormalities like high arches or supination and collapsed arches or pronation.
If your two feet do not have the same structure or in the cases when only one foot has abnormalities, it is better to use custom-made orthotics. They can be used to restore balance and avoid worsening your foot problem.

6. Custom foot orthotics help enhance sports performance

Pain and discomfort can hinder you from doing your best at sports. Custom foot orthotics will keep your foot, leg, and body well-aligned, comfortable, and pain-free, making it possible for you to perform sports and activities better. They also help lower your risk of injury.

Final Thoughts

Custom foot orthotics can make a major difference in your day to day pain, foot functionality, and capabilities. If you have foot pain or other issues, they are definitely worth looking into.

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