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Ria Katiyar is a very creative writer and active contributor who love to share informative news or updates on various topics and brings great information to his readers. Her priority is to cover up new technologies and techniques for her audience.
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How Telehealth and 5G are Transforming Healthcare?

When we talk about 'Innovation's Cusp', healthcare is surely at the top…

Ria Katiyar Ria Katiyar

How to Develop a Feature-Rich Mental Health Application?

Ever since the pandemic began, a lot of people started losing control…

Ria Katiyar Ria Katiyar

How Can AI Protect Healthcare Workers From COVID-19 Transmission?

In the unprecedented time that COVID-19 is, health and care workers, especially…

Ria Katiyar Ria Katiyar

A Detailed Guide On Developing A Female Healthcare Tracking App

Today, mobile technology is evolving by all leaps and bounds. It is…

Ria Katiyar Ria Katiyar

How Blockchain can Evolve Healthcare System?

Blockchain technology is ruling the market and headlines of the news. From…

Ria Katiyar Ria Katiyar

Best Practices to Ensure Healthcare Mobile App Security

Currently, there are nearly 47,502 healthcare iOS apps and 42,703 healthcare android…

Ria Katiyar Ria Katiyar