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Crooked Teeth vs. Perfect Teeth: Clip-On Veneers

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  There is a possibility to fix your cracked, crooked, imperfect teeth in the dentist’s office. He or she will do it permanently with veneers. Permanent veneers are not really a cheap solution to get a perfect smile, because porcelain is quite expensive and it is also a big decision to make the procedure just because it is permanent. If you don’t have money or you are not sure this permanent solution is for you then you could try out a cheaper solution: snap-on smile or the so called perfect smile veneers. It’s a solution to fix your smile with clip-on veneers. Clip-on, clip down, you know where I am going to go with this? If not you can either read this article or get more information and insights about perfect smile veneers on

How much do clip-on veneers cost?

This quick solution costs around $350 if you order them online from professionals and do it at home by yourself. You make a model and send it back so they can design the clip-on veneers for you. I saw already a lot cheaper clip-on veneers on the internet which cost around $50, but I don’t know much about their quality. If you trust the seller than this is a really affordable way to completely transform your appearance. But if you don’t trust the seller and you want advice from the dentist than the price can rise up ($1000-2000). Of course in price is typically included also initial consultation and other materials that are needed to make a mold.

Color of the perfect smile veneers

You choose on your own the color shade of the teeth you want to wear. Big suggestion from many dentists is not to overdo with whiteness, because then the teeth look too perfect or in other words “very fake.” You don’t want your teeth to look white fake more than the Hollywood stars have it, so there is one thing to think about while choosing the color of your new clip custom made veneers. Keep in mind that unnatural is not probably what you want.

What are the clip-on veneers?

Yes, you heard right. Clip-on veneers are custom made gum shield teeth which you place on your own natural teeth. They will transform your smile in seconds. New snap-on smile-new you. The very good thing about them is how quick it is to get them, order them. For most dental procedures we all have to wait more months or even years, but clip-on veneers work instantly and also very effective. There is nothing that can go wrong with them, even if you suffer from any kind of medical condition it doesn’t limit the usage of clip-on veneers. This set of teeth is easy and it works for everyone. After you order the veneers online you will get a kit in a small box. In the kit there are:

  • 2 plasticine balls called dental putty
  • little tray

This kit is meant to make a mold on your own in the comfort of your own home. You sink your teeth in this little tray with dental putty inside and wait for five minutes so the mold of your teeth eventually creates. This created mold you send back to the company you order from, so they can create a perfect match of clip-on veneers just for your teeth. They will send you the plastic case with your name on and inside of it there are going to be clip-on veneers ready to be placed on your natural teeth. No need to visit a dentist to put them on or take them off. They work like dental prosthetics. Simply take them off, brush your teeth and put them back on. The downside of it is that you can’t really drink anything except water while wearing them and for sure you shouldn’t eat with them. Although some clip-on veneers sellers say there is no concern to eat or drink with them and the only thing that you shouldn’t do is to sleep with them. Take them off before going to bed!


It doesn’t hurt to wear them or to place them in your mouth. They are completely pain-free, so you don’t need to worry about that. It is very easy to fix them on and smile with the new beautifully appealing clip on teeth. It is time to grab a pair of new teeth and smile more because smily people are the best kind of people.

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