Here’s How To Use Your Mobile Apps In A Healthy Way

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We always complain about how addicted we all are to our mobile devices. All we have talked about is how harmful it is to stay in front of these devices all day long. Well, I am not arguing about the negative effects but, there are certainly potential benefits you can have by staying addicted to this device. Food ordering, hotel booking, online shopping, are some of the benefits that must have popped in your head along with meeting someone online, chatting, and dating. But, apart from all these things that just popped in your head, there are some other benefits, some more important ones.

Mobile apps can keep a track on your physical and mental health. With some healthcare apps, you can stay connected with your body and its activities with just a touch of some buttons. There are plenty of things a health app offers that you are not in the know of. Let’s jot down some of the apps you can use on a daily basis and stay healthy.

1) Pedometer Apps

The best type of healthy is when a person’s mind stays calm and the body stays active. We generally do the opposite. The average number of steps people take on a day is somewhere between 1000 to 3000. The number of steps per day a normal person should take is 10,000. Now, that’s a difficult target to achieve especially when you can’t keep a track on it.

Well, pedometer apps can help you achieve your daily steps target. You can set a specific step goal and sync it with your wearable device. It will give you timely reminders about a number of steps left to complete. Pedometer apps not only track the steps but cover any type of physical activity like running, walking, cycling.

The more active you stay, the more healthy you will be.

2) Sleep Cycle Apps

Every sleep cycle app has different needs. Some of them mandatory ask for a wearable device like Apple watch, while some of them just ask for placing your mobile device on your mattress and it will do its work. These apps show you the actual quality of your sleep.

Some of the sleep cycle apps allow you to feed the activities you have done during the day. It includes alcohol consumption, caffeine intake, stress level, exercise, and such others. This will be a great factor in analyzing its effect on your sleep. These apps are smart enough to figure out your lightest sleeping duration and set an alarm at that time. This will help you to wake up easily in the morning. You can change the alarm timing as per your convenience around the light sleep hours.

Along with healthy food and physical activity, adequate sleep is equally needed for a healthy life.

3) Habit Apps

Every individual has a habit they want to ditch out from their life with a habit they want to adapt in their habit. A bad habit can be as dangerous as an incurable disease. Habit apps can be a great way to set and get rid of such an unhealthy habit and inhale a healthy one instead. The app will send you reminders and also show progress on adapting the healthy habit and ditching the unhealthy ones. There are also discussion forums and day streaks to support you on your big healthy step.

4) Meditation Apps

We just discussed above that mind should stay calm and body should always stay active for a healthy life. Well, meditation is one of the best ways to keep your mind calm and peaceful. It also improves your concentration power. Meditation apps can help you relieve stress as and when needed. Meditation apps will encourage you to meditate on a daily basis and also show you various guides for meditation depending on your need.

5) Water Logging Apps

There is an 8*8 rule that prescribes the daily amount of water intake according to the doctor. Well, knowing the rule and remembering it is easy. But, when it comes to following it not that easy. There are a bulk of people who can’t remember to drink water when they are busy with some tasks. With water logging apps, you can get timely reminders that its time you need to take a sip.

The app helps you keep a track on the ounces of water you had in a day. It is generally 64 ounces needed in a day. This can differ a bit based on gender and weight. You need to set your goal in the app for an accurate result. There are certain water logging apps that not only allows to feed the water but also other fluids you have drunk during the entire day. You can consider tea coffee, sports drink, soft drinks, and any other fluid.

6) Workout Apps

Exercise keeps you fit, don’t let the extra calories stick to your body and make you overweight. Exercise maintains your look and also keep you healthy. Exercise apps have a set of exercises with a visual representation to let the user learn and follow precisely. Some of the apps also have a fitness expert that the user can have one on one chat to and redress their issues.

7) Nutrition apps

A body needs a balanced diet with the right amount of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and other things. Nutrition app will help suggest a proper diet with what time is it best to eat what food. Nutrition plans will be customized based on your height, weight, and routine. The app makes the plan for you and also keep on reminding you when its time to eat or drink. There are also nutrition experts you can talk to for your nutrition-related queries.

Wrapping Up

Well, these are some of the healthy use of your mobile device. If you can’t follow each one of them but at least one or two, you will be taking a huge step forward for a long, happy, and healthy life.

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