Keep in Great Shape This Winter by Staying Motivated to Run

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  • Running is a great way to stay in shape year round, so you should try to maintain your motivation this winter

As a runner, you cherish the months of spring. As the cool temperatures melt away and flowers start to bud, there is no better way to enjoy the change of seasons than being outdoors. During the spring and fall seasons, runners cherish the daylight and the moderate temperatures. After the leaves change and the holidays roll around, the outside temperature starts to drop. The days become shorter and the mornings become colder. This subtle change in temperature causes many runners to hibernate, refusing to put on their gear until spring rolls around. Although running is difficult when it is chilly, it is an important habit to maintain overall health. If you are feeling motivated, try running in a fasted state. In this article, we will talk about how to upkeep a desire to run even during the winter months.

1. Have a Plan

Having a plan of action allows you to set and accomplish reasonable goals. First, determine how many days you want to run per week. If you are overly ambitious and have a goal of running six days a week at 6:00am, you may become burnt out quickly. Start with a reasonable goal; maybe you will choose to run three or four days a week. After determining your capability, have a plan for safety. Many people refuse to run in the winter months because it is darker during the morning and evening hours. Have an emergency plan in place for your running expeditions. If you happen to get in a car accident on the way to the track, contact auto car accident lawyers like CDB Injury Law. This firm will assist you if you get in an unexpected auto accident. In addition, they will help you if you get injured while on the run. These contingency plans for emergency situations allow you to feel prepared and equipped.

2. Get the Right Gear

Half the battle of cold weather running is having the right gear. When you are underdressed, you quickly become frigid and lose focus. If you are overdressed, you will feel hot and stuffy. There are many brands that have amazing running gear that is designed to capture heat so that you can maintain a steady body temperature while on the go.

Why Should I Run In the Winter?

Running in the winter is important for athletes. Not only does it teach endurance, it helps you weather some of the negative effects of cold weather. In the winter, many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The disorder causes individuals to feel gloomy and depressed throughout the colder months of the year. With less sunshine and more time indoors, people are often not able to get the vitamins and energy that they need from the sun.

1. Increases Aerobic Capacity

There are a lot of changes that you will notice when you start exercising, including having more aerobic capacity. When you are cold, your heart beats faster. An increased heart rate takes your exertion to the next level. Your body has to work harder to complete the run, allowing you to increase your level of fitness and endurance.

2. Improved Mental Endurance

When you are laying in a warm bed, it seems impossible to get up to go run in the cold. By getting in the routine of running on a regular basis, you will build your personal perseverance and commitment. It takes a tough mental stamina to keep running even when a cool breeze comes your way.

3. Creates a Stable Lifestyle

Are you tired of having lazy winters and quickly turning around to get your “beach body” back? Make 2020 the year of consistency. Instead of allowing your health regimen to suffer seasonal depression, prioritize your fitness throughout the year. This stability will help you maintain your health as you go through difficult seasons of your life.


This winter, do not lock your doors and stay inside. Invest in your physical and mental health by maintaining your running routine throughout the cold months. When you maintain healthy habits and routines, you will see improvement in your overall well being.

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