8 Reasons Why Travel Is The Secret To A Healthy Life

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  Want to be fit as a fiddle? Finding it hard to flex your muscles at the gym? Do not rack your brain over difficult ways to keep your ounces in check. Here’s a simple solution: travel. Now, you might be wondering how travel can keep you in shape. But much to our surprise it does. It not only keeps you physically fit but also mentally. It refreshes your mind and gives you a perspective which inevitably impacts your physical fitness. Do not forget physical and mental health can be proportional. So, zoom in on a destination, book your tickets and your luxury retreats, and get, set, go. Here are a few tips from Luxury Retreats on how travel can help keep you mentally and physically fit.


In this day and age, stress and life go hand in hand. Whether at your home or at your workplace, be it with your friends or spouse, wherever you go stress follows. Also, there are many ways stress affects your health. Often it takes the shape of an illness. Now, that’s alarming, isn’t it? So, in order to help curb stress, make sure you travel a lot. Travel to new places, places which will help you find a new meaning, new perspectives. The fresh whiff of air will inevitably help you get rid of stress. While traveling, you see new things, you meet new people, you take up activities which are new, you get a break from your routine. So, travel your way out for an easy -breezy stress-free life.

Physical Activity

Hitting the gym isn’t the only solution to be fit. You can go down to new places and take up new activities. For instance, cycling, hiking, trekking, running, swimming, all these activities directly benefit your health. Be it in Dubai or Amsterdam, in Paris or Pondicherry, you can take to most of the aforementioned activities in these places and keep yourself fit and fine.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual awakening is directly related to your mental and physical health. Meeting new people at various places rekindles your spirit in unfathomable ways. You bump into new ideas and philosophies. You get to know about various cultures and traditions. All of this affects your mental health which indirectly affects your physical wellbeing.

Variety And Engagement

Often monotonous work hours and lifestyle result in stunted mental growth. There’s nothing new to look forward to. The same work hours, the same people, the same work, it bores you to death. You stop finding meaning in your work, which inevitably affects your capacity to think and ideate. You need to give yourself a break once or twice in a year. Plan a solo trip, choose a destination which offers you a lot of things on the platter. A solo trip not only gives you quality time to think but also helps you take major decisions in your life. Change is the only thing which is constant in life. You never know you might take a decision post your trip which has the potential to change your life in ways unfathomed.

Strengthening Your Immune System

Travel exposes you to new environments which help your body create stronger antibodies. These antibodies, in turn, make your body strong. To put it simply, your body’s adaptability increases. At times, hitting the rutty road isn’t bad. Antibodies are little proteins which fight pathogens in your body. So the more you travel to new places, there is an increase in the number of antibodies and your immune system gets stronger inevitably.

Lowering Risk Of Heart Disease

Studies prove that people who travel a lot have a healthy heart. Travel decreases stress and keeps you happy. It also does a sort of mental cleansing. All of this affects your heart positively. The risk of having a heart attack can decrease if you are stress-free. So, now you know, travel is not just for leisure but also good for your heart. Do not belittle travel. It will keep you healthy and fit. For a healthier heart, travel as much you can.


Research has shown that the ones who travel a lot, live longer. No stress, no pain equal to a longer life. It also boosts your brain health. So if you want to live long, travel.


There are various places all across the globe, which have therapeutic power. Soaking in mineral-rich water ensures healthy skin, and relieves pain and stress. Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt are supposed to have strong energy points, and have therapeutic values. Even the US have such places.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know travel can help you rejuvenate yourself in many ways, do not let go of travel plans. Take a break from your work, book your tickets and go to some unknown land. Even your body and mind need a break just like a machine does. You spend a lot of money to keep your favorite gadgets in good shape, why not spend money on yourself. Travel provides umpteen number of opportunities to discover new things, about life, about people, about yourself. Your body needs to be in unison with your mind. Group tours are equally enriching like solo trips. There are times when a good company keeps you sound and healthy. So what are you waiting for? Book good house rentals or hostels, plan your itinerary or actually don’t plan and just hit the road. Be healthy, be wise and travel as much you can.

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