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The Importance of Being on Time for an Hospital Appointment

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As human beings, we are very social creatures, always communicating with our loved ones, acquaintances, and service providers. This is why even during but most especially due to the ongoing pandemic, we crave interaction and continue to seek conversation. One struggle that has remained though is time management. Even after you find yourself setting up appointment reminders, you can still end up missing a few important meetings.

Today, we’re going to talk about why punctuality is still necessary even during this COVID-19 pandemic. If we all hope to get back to our old normal, we must do our best to preserve our basics.

To Show Respect

Time is gold, not just our own, but other people’s. An appointment always involves at least two different parties, whether it is performed in person or over a web connection. When we are never late for our meetings, this shows that we value not just our time but others’ as well.

You might be a student who is able to patiently wait for the teacher to arrive. You could be a patron at a restaurant who is able to keep a reservation. It is imperative that we continue to observe our punctuality because we never know what another party gave up in order to entertain us.

To Be Given Respect

It doesn’t matter if we’re always the one showing up on time for pre-arranged dates. If the other party is the one to arrive late, sometimes this can give us leverage depending on the context of the meeting.

An appointment is essentially a social contract. It signifies consent between at least two parties to offer time for each other. When one party does not honor that contract, a compromise can sometimes be reached may it be spoken or unspoken.

If your friend makes you wait too long for a lunch date, sometimes your friend can end up treating you to the meal you shared. A company meeting at a rented conference room might begin too late and pay extra for overtime. Being punctual can often pay, because the opposite almost always means consequences.

To Be Responsible

In our youth, we may have had more disregard for our time than we care to admit; after all, we probably felt that we had all the time in the world. As we grow old, we quickly learn that promptness is a sign of maturity and automatically gives a good impression on people who exercise it.

When we get down to the center of it, an appointment is a commitment. And when we are never able to keep our commitments, this leaves us much farther from our goals. It is important that we nurture the habit of punctuality in ourselves because this has an impact on other aspects of our life. Our productivity and our success can become greatly affected when we fail to show others that we are reliable.

When you are always on time and you let things happen when they should, great things do happen, so don’t forget about your appointments and do what you can to keep them.

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