Most Patients Want to Self-Manage Healthcare Online

June 26, 2012

Accenture released a survey and infograpic last week stating that 90 percent of  patients want to self-manage their healthcare leveraging technology, such as accessing medical information, refilling prescriptions and booking appointments online, but nearly half (46 percent) are unaware if their health records are available electronically.  The survey is based on an online survey of 1,110 U.S. patients to determine the preferred channels of electronic health information and services. The online survey was fielded March 30 through April 4, 2012. One of the leading results of this survey is the desire to manage consumer health through mobile devices, which should come as no surprise with the increasing growth in the mHealth space. The infographic shown below summarizes the key highlights of the survey:


The detailed survey findings is available for view and/or download here