Improving Healthcare With Key Technology Additions

Everyone seems to have an electronic device in their hands today, from corporate executives to local plumbers. Technology has improved several aspects of life, including healthcare. Doctors, nurses and other associates can use technology to save a life or simply look up a medical chart. Healthcare improvements don't have to be one-sided, however. The patients should see these positive changes

Phil Cohen Phil Cohen

Are There Ways To Recover Faster From A Vehicle Accident?

It’s not a secret that vehicle accidents are fairly common. As roads become more congested and people become more aggressive, the higher the likelihood of an accident happening. And even as you try to apply as many preventive measures as you can in order to avoid an accident, there will always be a chance that the person you encounter on

Sean Mallon Sean Mallon

Do LifeWave’s X39 Stem Cell Patches Really Work?

Discover the truth about LifeWave's X39 Stem Cell Patches! Learn from real users if these patches really work to reduce pain, improve energy, and promote overall wellbeing.

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7 Tips for Improving Reproducibility and Efficiency in the Lab

All laboratory managers need to have the right processes to ensure results

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Accidental Death Trends in Different U.S. States

Curious about accidental death rates? Delve into our comprehensive study of trends

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Substance Abuse: Causes, Effects, and Recovery

A variety of factors play a role in determining someone's susceptibility to

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Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation to Reduce Your Stress

You will want to do everything possible to enjoy a stress-free vacation

James Lewis James Lewis

Living With Hearing Loss: Strategies For Coping And Thriving

Are you living with hearing loss? Discover strategies to cope, thrive and

Abby Norman Abby Norman

The Impact of Abdominal Pain on Female Health

There are a number of leading causes of abdominal pain that you

Aaron Casselman Aaron Casselman

Should Hospitals Use Meditech EHR or Advancedmd EHR?

You need to choose the best EHR software to manage your medical

Anita Navarro Anita Navarro

What Is Inflammation-Free Life And How To Begin Living It

You will want to follow a diet free of inflammatory foods if

Sean Mallon Sean Mallon

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