Here’s How Travel Impacts Your Body On A Long Trip

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On the one hand, changing the winter to summer for a week or two at the hotel Tropicana Las Vegas is a pleasure. On the other hand, a change in climate, temperature, humidity becomes a tremendous stress on the body. Even if this long trip does not signal it directly, you should understand that during adaptation the immunity drops dramatically.

Express Preparation for Long Trip

Ideally, a week before your vacation or long trip, try to lead the healthiest possible diet and lifestyle: go to bed on time, do a 5-10 minute exercise, take a contrast shower, drink more water, add seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet. In general, this will be enough to strengthen immunity in winter and support the body after the flight.

If you have recently fallen ill or felt the first signs of colds, fatigue, apathy, then drink vitamins and immunomodulators before traveling. In addition, you can include dietary supplements with vitamin D, A, E. To take full vitamin D is better to take tests to see how much vitamin in your blood at the moment.

Day Mode and Sleep

The most important thing during long trip is to look at the local time in advance and make the right calculation: what difference will it make between today’s time and what will be on vacation. In addition, buy one of the easy versions of sleeping pills – melatonin, the sleep hormone. When the climate changes, it is important to do calculations. As soon as you get off the plane’s gangway, start living local time. During the first 4 days, give up heavy food, take one tablet of melatonin 30 minutes before sleep and do not eat at night local time.

Symptoms of acclimatization

Symptoms of acclimatization come on the second or third day after arrival. They are often confused with signs of ODS. It is important to wait for this moment and not drink antiviral, let alone antibiotics. Here it is better to listen to the body, not to give it a lot of loads: not to drink alcohol in the first days, carefully try new dishes, more rest and relax. And when the symptoms are gone, you can gradually add physical activity (excursions, swimming, dancing) and go out in the sun, but only before 12 and after 16 hours. The most acute acclimatization stage lasts approximately 5-7 days, the usual 10-14 days. This means that our body is under stress during holidays. The main symptoms of acclimatization are sore throat, weakness, dizziness, fatigue, pressure surges.

If a person is absolutely healthy, the manifestation of acclimatization will be minimal: he will well tolerate the flight and climate change. If you suffer from chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, you should think about whether a vacation with a drastic change in climate is really necessary. A wonderful option for preventing acclimatization is hardening: contrast shower and watering. This promotes the training of the cardiovascular system and minimizes negative symptoms of acclimatization. Additionally, on the eve of the trip, it is allowed to visit the solarium once or twice, but it should not be considered a useful type of impact on the skin and the body as a whole.  It is very important to take a first aid kit with you during your trip – it should contain painkillers, allergy medications, disinfectants, colds and medicines against intestinal infections.

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