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What Hath EMR Wrought?

New technology is wonderful and you can be certain that along with new advantages also…

Gary Levin MD Gary Levin MD 6 Min Read

How to Advance Your Healthcare Career in the New Year

  Careers in healthcare, such as nursing, can be extremely fulfilling and meaningful, and many…

Annie Qureshi Annie Qureshi 12 Min Read

The Link Between Low-Grade Depression and Chronic Stress

Ever felt like your brain is on a never-ending treadmill, powered by stress, with no…

HWC Editor HWC Editor 13 Min Read

Pfizer Running First US Clinical Study With Remote Participation

This is nice and you wonder why perhaps it has not been done before.  The…

BarbaraDuck BarbaraDuck 2 Min Read

Medical Marijuana Sellers Offering Online Coupons To Attract Patients

We already see major pharmaceutical companies with their coupon promotions all over the web so…

BarbaraDuck BarbaraDuck 2 Min Read

More Medical Monopoly-Yes, Medical Bills Are Killing Us!

image credit: James N. Vail image credit: James N. VailLast week's post called medicine in…

MightyCaseyMedia MightyCaseyMedia 5 Min Read

Congress and Their Staff Can Do all the HealthCare Inside Trading They Want

First of all, hats off to 60 Minutes for their coverage on this issue, which…

BarbaraDuck BarbaraDuck 2 Min Read

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The Complete Guide to Medical Contract Manufacturing

Medical Contract Manufacturing Medical contract manufacturing is a specialized service in the healthcare industry, offering companies the ability to design,…

HWC Editor HWC Editor 4 Min Read

The Impact of Pre-Existing Conditions on Personal Injury Claims

Each year 40 million people visit the emergency department in the U.S. for injuries they have sustained. In many cases,…

HWC Editor HWC Editor 4 Min Read

What Are the Qualities of a Good Nurse?

There are nearly 4.7 million nurses in the United States. However, the quality of nursing professionals varies significantly. Nursing is…

Annie Qureshi Annie Qureshi 8 Min Read

Healthy Habits for Nursing Student Nursing School Students

Nursing school is a challenging journey filled with rigorous coursework, practical exams, and intense clinical rotations. For a school nursing…

Allison Hart Allison Hart 9 Min Read

How to Take Care of Your Physical and Financial Health

In today's fast-paced world, it is easy to neglect our physical and financial well-being. However, taking care of both aspects…

Aises Jammy Aises Jammy 6 Min Read

Venture Capital Trends for Healthcare SaaS Platforms

The healthcare industry is undergoing some major changes. A growing number of companies are using SaaS services to help healthcare…

Aises Jammy Aises Jammy 7 Min Read

Helping Your Parents Adjust to Nursing Home Life

Transitioning a parent into nursing home care is a significant change that often brings mixed emotions for the entire family.…

Aaron Casselman Aaron Casselman 10 Min Read
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