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Healthcare For The Elderly Is More Important Than Ever Amid COVID-19

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  • Here's what to consider about the importance of elder care during the COVID-19 pandemic

Healthcare is always an important industry. This is true around the globe. And it always will be. The individuals who build their careers in the healthcare and medical industries are the very same individuals who have a steadfast dedication to upholding and taking care of the health and wellbeing of individuals around the globe. For individuals who work in healthcare today, there is very much a greater sense of unease and discomfort with the realisation that delivering even the most basic of healthcare service is not as simple as it once was, thanks largely to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has been wreaking havoc around the globe.

Patient care in healthcare and medicine around the globe has drastically changed in recent months, with even hospitals having to batten down the hatches and reassess the way that they approach patient care. Whether it is an individual going to get a standard health check or an individual going through cancer treatment in a hospital, the way that healthcare is approached in recent months has changed drastically. This is true in practically every aspect of healthcare and medicine, however there are some aspects of healthcare and medicine – as well as some patient groups – that have been more significantly impacted and who are at greater risk.

COVID-19 drives home importance of adequate care for the elderly

Consider healthcare for the elderly, for instance. Elderly patients have always been at greater risk than many other patient groups when it comes to healthcare and medication. Now with the ongoing complications set in motion by the COVID-19 pandemic, elderly patients are more at risk than they have ever been before. This is a terrifying realisation and it has well and truly driven home the importance of adequate care for the elderly around the globe. Elderly individuals everywhere have unfortunately been subject to more risk at the hands of the actions of other individuals. This is where it starts and this is where the issue stems from.

An issue that is impacting healthcare around the globe

Around the globe, healthcare for the elderly has been given more prioritisation than it has ever had before (and just as well). However, what ultimately becomes more important all the time is the actions and reactions of other individuals and how they choose to approach healthcare for elderly individuals. It is about the actions we all take and that the healthcare and medicine industries continue to take. For the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic to begin to fall to the wayside,  it is up to not only to the healthcare and medical industries but also the individuals around the globe to do what we can to minimise the spread and to hopefully eradicate the virus before elderly individuals’ quality of life is significantly impacted (or worse, before any more elderly individuals die as a result of the pandemic).

Taking the steps to move towards a healthier future

Those who find their age catching up with them can turn to cleaning, transporting and other such services to help them during these troubled times. With social distancing having been implemented in countries affected by the virus, the elderly might find themselves cut off from the help that came from their family members or neighbours. In these cases, they might take it on themselves to carry on which might pose a threat to their health.

Aside from the potential dangers of certain household tasks such as cleaning beams and gutters which poses a risk of falling, the elderly are society’s most vulnerable demographic when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak. Even something as simple as going for a grocery run might put their lives in danger of contracting the virus. It’s a relief and a large convenience that technology allows us to live a low- to no-contact lifestyle through mobile applications, online purchasing, and other forms of e-commerce.

For instance, Help To You is a platform for service providers to offer NDIS services. Going through a third party platform ensures that you will be getting quality services which has been vetted by the organisation. You will also have the support from their customer service, in the event something doesn’t go as expected.

Whether it is looking up the nearest NDIS provider or actively taking it upon oneself to ensure that they are not making unhealthy decisions that can negatively impact those around them (in this case including elderly individuals), healthcare for the elderly has never been more important and unfortunately due to the actions and reactions of the individuals around the globe, there has also ultimately never been more risk. Working towards a healthier future starts with making healthier decisions now. It is no longer just about the individual but about the collective and protecting ourselves and one another.

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