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Medtech Succeeds by Responding to Multiple Demands

July 31, 2015 by Patrick Driscoll

Medtech is resilient, adapting to the changing demands of patients, payers, regulators, and the economy, but only in the hands of the innovators who keep a finger in the wind on these demands. Here is a short list of the drivers/limiters in medtech.[read more]

How immigrants help health reform succeed

July 31, 2015 by David E Williams

Medicare turns 50 today, which has provided an opportunity for all manner of retrospectives and speculation about what the future holds. The Partnership for a New American Economy is publicizing one of my favorite arguments:...[read more]

Patient Engagement with Facebook

July 30, 2015 by Janet Kennedy

Dr. Justin Smith

Dr. Justin Smith is a pediatrician active in social media and chose Facebook as his primary platform for patient engagement and education. Hear how he manages his page on the Get Social Health podcast.[read more]

Attracting the Attention of the Future Patient: 4 Elements to Consider When Designing Your Hospital's Website

July 30, 2015 by Jonathan Catley

The design and layout of a hospital website is critical to converting the casual Internet browser into a future patient. A website that is filled with chunks of text, is difficult to navigate, and contains extremely technical terminology could send any Internet browser running to a competitor, which results in lower website conversion rates and lost revenue for your hospital.[read more]


Announcing the Next Chapter for HealthWorks Collective

July 29, 2015 by Robin Carey

Healthcare Dive

Today, it’s my pleasure to announce that HealthWorks Collective has been bought by Healthcare Dive, a leading publication for hospital administrators and healthcare leaders based in Washington. We’re delighted that this community can continue to flourish with new energy and leadership.[read more]

Who is Healthcare Delivery Really About?

July 29, 2015 by Tracy Granzyk MS, CPHQ

Our final session of the 2015 Telluride Experience kicks off in Napa, CA this week. Once again, the learning began by sharing the Lewis Blackman story, and we were fortunate to have Helen Haskell as part of the faculty to lead discussion after the film, along with Dave Mayer. Having been part of the team who created the film, and having viewed it more times than I can count, I am always in awe of the new ideas each viewing inspires.[read more]

Expanding Medicaid benefits for improved behavioral health care, substance abuse treatment

August 4, 2015 by Cynthia Telles

Cynthia Telles is the director of the Spanish-speaking Psychosocial Clinic of the Neuropsychiatric Institute and Hospital at UCLA, she is also an associate clinical professor at the university. She provides training and hosts comprehensive mental-health services to the community. Cynthia Telles has also been on the board of Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plans for over 10+ years.[read more]

Health Reward Stat of the Day – Aug 4

August 4, 2015 by Michael Dermer

  Members of a Michigan health insurance company are being rewarded for making informed decisions about their care. PriorityRewards, from Priority Health, is an incentive program that rewards people up to $200 for choosing a fair-priced medical procedure through the company’s cost estimating tool.With PriorityRewards...[read more]

Guess the X-ray – August’s Image Challenge

August 3, 2015 by Erica Carnevale

It’s a new month so that means it is time for a new “Guess the X-ray” Image Challenge. July’s Image Challenge was particularly difficult, as nobody has identified it, so we will continue to keep that open if people want to try another. Let’s see if the same level of difficulty transfers to this month. The July image is below, the...[read more]

Planned Parenthood Videos Threaten Truth

August 2, 2015 by Michael Kirsch

While we have all heard the adage, any publicity is good publicity, I don’t agree.   See if you agree that the subjects of the following hypothetical headlines would have preferred anonymity. Local Surgeon Loses Scalpel – in Patient’s AbdomenTeacher Pursues New Career as Porn StarRestaurant Owner Claims Rats are Really...[read more]

If Anti-Vaccine Parents Rode The Magic School Bus

July 30, 2015 by Christina Thielst

As a mom, I watched The Magic School Bus cartoons with my children because they were engaging and there was a bit of scientific learning.  This video has to be my all time favorite (even if it might not be an official MSB video) because it addresses the anti-vaccine movement in a humorous way. So, parents, hop aboard for a ride...[read more]

Brits Tried To Guess The Cost Of U.S. Healthcare And Got Really Confused

July 30, 2015 by Jeanne Pinder

Summary: “Most British people have never had to think about paying for medical procedures. But what would happen if they did? I decided to find out by asking my British colleagues at BuzzFeed UK to guess what different health procedures would cost them if they were in the US,” Hannah Jewell of Buzzfeed UK wrote today. “I then revealed...[read more]

What’s the Right “Level of Care” for Your Marketing?

July 29, 2015 by Stewart Gandolf, MBA

How do you know the “right level” for your marketing plan? How you do what’s best? What’s the right amount for budget? What’s your tolerance for risk in reaching out to an audience that doesn’t know you or how you can answer their medical need?[read more]

Measure What You Manage, With Caveats: Thoughts on Surgeon Ratings

July 27, 2015 by Anne Weiler

via Shutterstock

Last week, ProPublica caused a flurry by releasing a report of complication data for US surgeons. Using their database you can look up any surgeon and find how their patients fared on average for complications after surgery. As with any measure, it is fraught with controversy about both the accuracy of the data or whether we are measuring the right things.[read more]

Four reasons Praluent is not Sovaldi

July 27, 2015 by David E Williams

Watch out budget busters! From the New York Times (New Drug Sharply Lowers Cholesterol, But it’s Costly) Praluent, which analysts project will become a huge seller, is expected to become the next flashpoint in the growing controversy of escalating pharmaceutical prices, and health plans are expected to put in place strict measures to...[read more]

Warning! Cell Phones Can Kill You!

July 27, 2015 by Michael Kirsch

via Shutterstock

The City of Berkeley, the epicenter of New Age Goofiness, has just passed an ordinance that requires retailers to warn customers about the medical risks of devices that emit radiation, such as cell phones. If I were the cell phone companies, here's how I would fight back.[read more]