Managing Motion Sickness: First Aid Healthcare Strategies for Travelers

Whenever you travel by any form of transportation, you may experience motion sickness. It usually strikes suddenly, beginning as a feeling of uneasiness and progressing to a feeling of cold sweat, dizziness, and nausea that usually subsides once the motion stops.  “As you travel more and more, you will become more accustomed to being in motion and will adjust to…

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The Incidence Of Kidney Failure Due To Diabetes Is Down – But We Should Not Be Pleased

Diabetes mellitus is the most common cause of kidney failure that progresses to end stage renal disease (ESRD,) meaning that the person requires dialysis or kidney transplant. ESRD is chronic and life long, is complicated to treat, has a major negative effect on quality of life and the costs are high. So it was good news when the Centers of…

StephenSchimpff StephenSchimpff

Can Media handle the Healthcare news?

I enjoy reading Drew Altman’s Pulling It Together column, an easy that usually contains something of interest. Yesterday’s piece (Repeal) was a straightforward summary of the issues surrounding the House’s move to overturn the Affordable Care Act. He emphasized two points he said are often overlooked. The first is that the public is split on the law and there is…

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Editor's Pick

Building Telemedicine System: Features and Tips

Discover how to build a successful telemedicine system. Find out the features…

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What to Know About Health Information Privacy Law

HIPAA is a very important law designed to protect healthcare data for…

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Common Obstacles That May Be Stopping You From Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Most of us understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. We…

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Dealing Healthcare disparities in substance abuse treatment access in US Region

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The Key Steps For Affective Weight Loss And Improving Health

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Five Top Tips For Staying Sober This Christmas

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Strategies for Achieving a Healthy Smile: A Healthcare Approach

You can figure out a lot about a person just by looking…

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Innovative Approaches To Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Uncover cutting-edge solutions in treating Co-Occurring Disorders. Delve into the world of…

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Gustavo Cordon: A Master in Dental Prosthetics

Gustavo Cordon has shared some great guidelines on how to enjoy having…

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Role of Patient-Reported Outcomes & Health Economics and Outcomes

Current clinical research has seen an increased focus on patient-reported outcomes (PROs) as they provide unique information on the physical, functional and psychological effects of treatments from the perspective of…

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